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Me at the Rialto, Melbourne
Me at the Rialto, Melbourne

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Local link Writing The Kheper Book of Gnosis (to be ready soon)

Local link Working on The Alcioneverse (Science Fiction)


Previous Work

Wikipedia My Wikipedia Page (with my contributions to and thoughts on Wikipedia)

external link interview - John LeKay interviewed me for Heyoka Magazine (Volume 34 Spring 2010), same interview in Nonduality magazine (vol 1)

Old blogs, no longer being updated: blog Integral Transformations replaces Gaia Community (formerly Zaadz) Blog (no longer current), Integral Transformation (Integral Paradigm), and Mythoworlds (Creative Writing)

Palaeos Palaeos - the history and evolution of life on Earth (co-authored with Toby White); Palaeos site (currently no updates)

Orion's Arm Orion's Arm transhuman science fiction worldbuilding project, which I initiated/co-founded, but am not at the moment actively involved with, although I am intending to write a novel set in the OA universe.


email: kheper3 (at) gmail (dot) com

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