New Website and Blog

Welcome to the companion blog for the Gnosis, Deep Time, and Science Fiction website. Creative imagination, consciousness, and mythopoesis in a world in transition.

In this new site, my diverse and sometimes incongruent interests and brought together. This replaces the old Kheper net (esotericism) and Freehauler Alcione (sci fi) websites. Due to the huge amount of material, it’ll take a while to move everything over. Even longer to fix the broken links.

The blog will include news of website updates, as well as comments on current affairs and the transmutation of consciousness.

Current projects:

  • finish transfering the old kheper net site to here.
  • transfer Freehauler Alcione to here and here
  • finish Book 1 of the Alcioneverse (mostly finished)
  • finish The Kheper Book of Gnosis (still very incomplete), which will be an update of the Kheper net material (call it Kheper version 4)
  • Add a new section on Life Through Deep Time, as an auxillary to Palaeos com
  • make a few aesthetic changes to the design of this blog.

For those kind people who have visited Kheper net in the past, remember to update your browser and blog links to