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Comment on "Theory of Everything"

short comments by Steven Guth

The basic proposition that we can only perceive reality through our senses, perhaps augmented by machines is I think and acceptable truism.

Now, I propose that modern science has given us new machines that extend our possible views of the size and extent of reality into the galactic systems and into the micro worlds.

And I would also like to suggest that the machines that we have around us have given us new metaphors, new ways of describing what the realities are that we can perceive.

So that we can now use words like antennas, computer programs, processing systems and actually conjure up images in the minds of readers.

Now, why do we continue to use descriptions based on words that date from hundreds, even thousands of years ago?

I think its because esotericists, like doctors or lawyers like to feel that they belong to a professional association a folk group that supports their reality. Thomas Kunn and his proposition that the more that is written in a knowledge area the harder it becomes to introduce new ideas.

I have read Alan's material, "The theory of everything", I see as an attempt to integrate perceptions that arrive through two processors.

1.The higher self processor - the convoluted new brain that resides in the forepart of our skulls. This antenna system seems to be tuned to consciousness that arrives from what is in Alan's model referred to as the Absolute, or perhaps even the Supermind (a term he borrows from Sri Aurobindo)

And 2. The 'animal' processor - that runs in the spine and is referred to as the 'reptilian' brain or the old brain. This processing system connects us to the perceptions that arrive from the physical world around us.

To continue this discussion one needs to consider the two antenna systems and their associated processors in greater detail. It is also necessary to have a better understanding of what is consciousness (Alan touches on this early in his material)

Interestingly I think we should also add in a third antenna system with its associated processor - the water brain that runs in the large intestine and the lymph system. This seems to have been largely ignored by esoteric systems that have come down to us in written form; but it can be seen as a part of 'native' systems that use dance and movement to process inputs that arrive from our different antenna and processing systems.

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