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Mundane Physical

reality: Physical of physical of Kosmic Physical

objective qualities: lower and middle part of material - solid, stable, foundation

subjective qualities: physical psyche - physical consciousness, sensations, subconscious, inconscient

symbol: square, cube, the four elements

glyph of consciousness on this plane: the Khat (body)

Source Reality (yang): the Affective Plane

Source Reality (yin): the Subtle Physical

Product Realities: none (lowest plane)

Type Description (macrocosm): [1] Physical subdegree of the Physical degree of the Physical State (ref. Max Theon; page; page; [2] Malkhut of Asiyah (in part) (ref Hermetic Qabalah)

Type Description (microcosm - objective): Physical and Etheric Bodies (ref. Barbara Brennan page/page (c.f. also Leadbeater Gross and Subtle Physical Planes and Bodies);

Type Description (microcosm - subjective): Physical Consciousness (ref. Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga vol.1, pp.334ff); Sexual, Instinctual and Moving Center (ref. Gurdjieff/Ouspensky)

(= Physical Physical)
(= Spiritual Physical)
(From Mental Subplane)
Physical Reality
(Physical of Physical of Physical)
Physical Body
(= Inner Physical)
(= Emotional Physical)
(From Emotional Subplane)
Mental Subplane
Mental Body
Emotional Subplane
Emotional Body
Etheric Subplane
Etheric Body

the Aristotlean Four Elements
The Aristotlean Four Elements, image © xxxx

The Mundane or Material Physical Reality includes both the objective physical known to science, and a number of more subtle realities.    More refined planes of Physical reality represent grades of "elemental" or "devic" consciousness that effect us in subtle ways.  These are also beings that are involved in the kingdoms of nature.  The pertain to the physical, but that aspect of the physical that is intuitive, rather than "objective"

There are however so many different realities even here that it would be impossible to describe them all.  (or even to describe to describe the tiniest fraction).  Science fiction, philosophies, fantasy, paranormal studies, and so on, sometimes impinge on these other realities.

Holarchy - The Universal-Atomistic Axis

In tabular form:

From Universal to Atomistic Physical Consciousness/Being 
Atomistic Physical


Individual Physical

the body

Collective Physical


Cosmic Physical

the Cosmos

Universal-Transcendent Physical
Physical Godhead

Physical Evolution and Scale

The Mundane Physical is the theatre of evolution. Here is a table showing the broad evolution of the Individual, Global, and Cosmic for the Mundane Physical resonance

  the Individual Self Collective (Gaia)
The Physical Macrocosm
Divinised Physical
(Noetic and Godheadic)
(spiritual physical)
Theosphere Divinised universe
Mentalised Physical Mental Physical consciousness Noosphere

Collective Physical consciousness

Technosphere spread throughout the universe?
Emotional Physical Emotional Physical Consciousness Biosphere

Collective Psychic consciousness

Material Physical Body

Individual Physical consciousness

Collective Physical consciousness
the physical universe
Objective Physical reality

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