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Meaning of the Term

When I was looking around for a term to designate the region or level of being between the Inner and the Outer being, I thought of Middle or Intermediate Being, but both were much to vague and ambiguous. Then "mesobeing" (meso- middle). But as these are also reealities described in various espoteric teachings, I decided to take off the "m" at the front to make "Eso", which as a prefix also means "inner"

Hence Esobeing. Adnittedly this is a clumsy nbeologism, but at the moment there just arent enough specialised words to designate the various levels and grades of reality, and I don't want to arbitrarily coin sanskrit, greek, or hebrew neologisms. I tried that many years ago, and teh result was a confusion of "vibrations" or "emanations" from the various thoughtforms and traditions concerned, each with their own inherent nuances and folksouls. Ultimately a new language is needed for this new science, one with its own specialised thoughtfoirms that point to teh realities concerned. Whenever possible I have however triued to use jargon from ready made tecahings abnd traditions, and where that is in english (e.g. Sri Aurobindo) it is especially useful, because there is enough complexity as it is without bringing in a whole lot more strange new words. But because there is no specific term for the extremely important region between the Outer and Inner Being, I had no choice but to designate one, at least provisionally. Maybe esobeing will be replaced by a better word at some point, or maybe it will catch on and become really popular. For now it is used here for lack of any other alternative.

What is the Esobeing?

By Esobeing I mean all those realities immediately behind or within and supporting and directing the outer consciousness or outer being. This means an incredibly vast range of realities and states of consciousness, including clairvoyant or expanded consciousness, meditrative states, dreams, trance states, and other altered states of consciousness, psychic states, the preconscious and middle unconscious in part, the Jungian unconscious to some extent, devas, auras, secondary chakras, and a great range of New Age phenomena.

Because the Esobeing immediately relates to, and merges with, the Outer Being or our normal waking consciousness, it is easy to access and often contacted.

In fact, there are so many experiences and states of existence here that it is best to classify them according to further sub-categories:

Included realities

The three "Vertical" regions or subregions referred to here are:

The three "emanational" regions or subregions are:

There is the epistemic axis, from samsara to enlightenment, but this is the same here as with the Outer being


Whole octaves and resonances of the subtle physical have been suggested in different esoteric teachings. This is indicated by the following diagram:

(note: diagram may need some revision as it has been transferred from another page and I revising my ideas:

Provisional Table of Subtle Physical Octaves
Major Reality Plane or Octave SubPlane or Resonance Theon Blavatsky (Theosophy) Leadbeater
(Adyar Theosophy)
[Steiner 1969]
Ann Ree Colton
[Colton & Murro 1984 p.91]
Barbara Ann Brennan
[Brennan 1987]

higher octaves and resonances representing transhhuman and posthuman archetypes higher°physical
Higher spiritual hierarchies Fifth klosha (sic)
Spiritual Physical octaves and resonances representing spiritual archetypes and blueprints Mental°Physical
Devachenic / Spiritland Higher Etheric body Keteric
Etheric templ.
Astral Physical octaves and resonances representing a gradation of light and dark Nervo°Physical
Astral / Soul
Dense Physical Higher spiritual resonances Physical°Physical Atma and Buddhi in part
Mental/Ideational resonance Lower manas (in part) Mental Body (in part) Intellectual Soul Mental Body Mental Body
Emotional Resonance Kama (in part) Emotional/Astral Body (in part) Sentient Soul /
Soul Body
Emotional Body Emotional Body
Etheric-Physical resonance Linga Sthula Etheric body Etheric body Etheric body Etheric body
Sthula Sthula Dense Physical Physical Physical body Physical body

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