From Absolute Self (atma) to Non-Self

Consciousness begins as Absolute Consciousness, pure "I" or infinite Subject, which is the essential nature of the Absolute Reality.  All manifestation then is a movement from that Infinite consciousness or Self to Its own Objects of Consciousness or Non-Self.  Originally the individualisation is a valid part of the Absolute itself, and Self and Non-self coexist as equal aspects of the Supreme. But with the appearace of multiplicity this unity is lost and Self and Non-Self become a dualistic dichotomy, described in Samkhya as purusha and prakriti. Note that non-seplf can include mind as well as body, so this is not the western duality of spirit and matter.

The following stages can be defined here

  • From Unmanifest Absolute /Atman/Buddha Nature/etc to, transcendently, Individualised Absolute (Jivatma/Monad/etc), and dualistically, purusha or "True Self"

  • From Purusha to Causal Being
    From Causal Body/Personality to Psychophysical being (outer prakritic being)

    Self - Nonself Axis
    Causal Being
    Transcendent Self

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