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The Mental Physical Reality

Subtle Physical Spiritual Physical
Mental Physical
Affective / Emotional Physical
Mundane Physical

reality: Mental resonance/emanation in Mundane Physical / Physical Mental Aura and Body

objective qualities: wider part of material - mercurial, energetic, quasi-sentient

subjective qualities: Physical Mind - lower part of the rational mind - conceptual, ideas, thought, mental feelings, scepticism, criticism

Vertical and Occult (Spirit-Matter) reality: (Mental Body of Mundane Physical/Etheric Subplane)

Mystical and Psychological (Inner-Outer): aura and limited mental body is Outer Being, but otherwise can be any

Holarchic reality (Universal-Individual): Individual (microcosm) to collective and cosmic devic (macrocosm)

symbol: air, wind, electricity, yellow, the head, the brain, thinker

Source Reality (yang): the Formative Plane

Source Reality (yin): the Subtle Physical Plane

Product Realities: Mental Physical Degree, Mental Etheric Degree, Mental Emotional Degree

Type Description (macrocosm): [1] Mind subdegree of the Physical degree of the Physical State (ref. Max Theon; page; page; [2] Malkhut of Asiyah (in part) (ref Hermetic Qabalah)

Type Description (microcosm - objective): Mental Body (ref. Barbara Brennan page (c.f. also Leadbeater);

Type Description (microcosm - subjective): [1] Ego (ref. Carl Jung, page; [2] Mind (in part) or Physical Mind (ref. Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga vol.1, pp.326ff); [3] Intellectual Center (ref. Gurdjieff/Ouspensky)

Formative Plane
(Mental of Physical Reality)
Emotional Subplane
Emotional Body
(= Emotional Mental)
(= Spiritual/Noeric Mental)
Mental Subplane
(Mental of Physical of Physical)
Mental Body
(= Physical Mental)
(= Mental of Mental)
Spiritual Subplanes
Etheric Subplane
Etheric Body
Physical Reality
Physical Body
Physical Reality
(Physical of Physical Reality)

The Physical Mental Subplane represents the dimished part of the Ideational Principle, intermediate between the Formative Plane and the Mundane Physical. This is scaled down to the mental body, the physical embodiment of thought, and in turn progresses further down the scale of gradation of consciousness, becoming increasingly rigidified. These various substages (physical of Mental and so on) have been very well described by Theon, Sri Aurobindo, Ouspensky and Bennett, and other esoteric psycholgists. At the Physical Mental Subplane level all that is left of the original thought-archetypes or ideation forms are physical-brain thoughtforms.

Mental BodyThe clearest description of this subplane - albeit only at the level of the individual subtle body, not the plane as a whole, might be the "Mental Body" or third energy body of Barbara Brennan's sequence of seven energy bodies. There are many other equivalent descriptions of the "mental body" found throughout Theosophical and New Age literature.

The Objective attribute of this plane is harder to attune to, but would presumably correspond to a strata of elemental forces; perhaps certain more limited "devic" forces of New Age and Theosophical lore may go here. These forces are further removed then the familiar "devas" and "elementals", as the mental subplane is less closely connected to the physical (hence philosophies such as Cartesian Dualism, based on the difficulty of reconciling the two). It may well be that what Steven Guth calls the "gnomes" that live inside computers (these terms should be understood metaphorically, not literally) originate here. Certainly the rise of the noosphere on Earth was a splendid opportunity for mental forces to embody themselves more integrally in the material dimension.

Mental of Physical of Physical subdegree Chakra Sri Aurobindo
based on "Planes and Parts of Being"
(Letters on Yoga vol. 1, pp.326ff)
Gurdjieff / Ouspensky
(3 centers and sub-centers)
Carl Jung
(4 Ego-types)
Spiritual of Mental Body Sahasrara Pure Thinking / Higher Thinking Intellectual part of Thinking Center ? n/a
Mental of Mental Body Ajna Thinking Mind Intellectual part of Thinking Center Thinking Type
Feeling of Mental Body Vishuddha / Akasha Dynamic Mind n/a n/a
Feeling of Mental Body Anahata / Air Externalizing Mind Emotional part of Thinking Center Intuition Type
Willing of Mental Body Manipura / Fire Externalizing Mind Emotional part of Thinking Center n / a
Willing of Mental Body Swadhisthana / Water Externalizing Mind Emotional part of Thinking Center Feeling Type
Physical of Mental Body Muladhara / Earth Physical Mind Moving part of Thinking Center Sensation Type

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