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the parable of the blind men and the elephant

Reality is more than the physical world of the senses
although it includes that.
Reality is more than the inner world of thoughts and feelings
although it includes that too.
Reality is more than toads in carboniferous rock, loch ness monsers,
and other forteana science cannot explain
although it includes all of them as well.
Reality is more than psychic experiences, journeys out of the body, dreams and visions
although it includes all of them
and more.
Reality is even more than mystical experiences,
revelations of the Godhead, and of all the worlds and universes
although it includes them too.
Yes, Reality is even more than That which can only be pointed to,
which is beyond words and concepts
although it includes (and is) That as well.
The human understanding is too small to grasp Reality in its fullness;
the human spirit is two embryonic to experience Reality in its fullness.
No matter how high you go
there will always be something beyond.
Even if you abide in Buddhahood
there will always be an even greater Buddhahood.
The fact is
I am wasting my time
even talking about Reality.
But I thought okay
what the heck,
everyone else does.
So even if it is just one more interpretation
why not put my 2 cents worth in as well?
So here is my own
map of Reality
which is of course
pure speculation
and nothing more

A New Integral Paradigm
A New Integral Paradigm

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