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The Spiritual and Posthuman Transformation

The concept of a global spiritual transformation and New World (a New Heaven and a New Earth), is an old one, appearing first in exoteric religious messianism. The concept of a supernatural end of the world consumation that appears in Zoroastrianism and spreads from there to Judaism and later monotheistic religions, introduces both the concept of o supernatural creator deity and linear time. This idea of resurrection of the dead so that believers can enjoy a paradise of the faithful, and gloat on non-believers suffering in hell, is paradoxically both a ridiculous example of spiritual infantilism and materialism (they are completely unable to conceive of existence apart from the body) and a "psychic dream" (in Sri Aurobindo's phrase) of a future transformed physical existence. But because of exoteric literalism and fundamentalism the genuine vision was lost for several thousand years, appearing every so often as messianic and premillenial revivals.

The idea of a new spiritual race as somethng apart from exoteric religious dogmas, is much more recent, and had to await the rise of evolutionary thought with Hegel, Darwin, and others. In the 19th century, Wikipedia link Nietzsche introduced his Overman, Wikipedia link Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote his famous science fiction story The Coming Race, and finally H.P. Blavatsky incorporated many themes, including Bulwer-Lytton's, in her Secret Doctrine, which introduced the concept of Root Races.

However this theme reaches its greatest formulation spiritually in the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and technologically in the concepts of Transhumanism. It is my contention that these two approaches are not contradictory but complementary, and each represents an element of the truth.

Themes of genetic transformation leading to either the transmutation of current humanity (harmonic convergence, which was big in the late 1980s but petered out when the famous prophecies of DNA transmutation never came to pass) ort the emergence of a new spiritual race (e.g. the external link Indigo Children) are also common in the New Age movement.

examples Zoroastrian- Judeo Christian- Islamic messianism Nietzsche Bulwer-Lytton Blavatsky Sri Aurobindo & Mirra New Age Transhumanism
Saved / believers Overman Vril-ya 6th Root Race Gnostic Beings Star Children, Indigo Children, etc Posthuman
New Race / Species
No - same as current human worshippers No - individuals only Yes Yes Yes varies Yes


develops from current humanity No (see above) (see above) No - separate race Yes - future Root Race Yes - man a transitional being varies varies (either enhanced human, AI, or both)
change through Direct Divine action Yes - exoteric Deity No No No Yes - Supramental Descent No No
through natural or cosmic evolution No No Yes Yes - 6th Round cyclic Yes - evolution of nature to Supermind varies (galactic rotation / photon belt is cyclic only) Yes - accelarating evolution
through individual effort No, just believe and you're saved Yes - Will No No Yes - Integral Yoga (harmonic convergence movement?) Yes - using advanced tech
through advanced technology No No Yes - Vril No No No Yes - nanotech, genetic enginering etc
through changing the deep structure of the cells No No No No mind of the cells transmutation of DNA medical nano
Vastly superior to current humanity
n/a Yes Yes somewhat Yes somewhat Yes

immortal, no illness Yes No No No Yes varies Yes
occult powers No No Yes - Vril Yes Yes varies No
Superintelligence No Perhaps Yes No No No Yes - singularity
Society superior n/a n/a Yes ? Yes - Gnostic Society Yes - New Age No? (varies)
Spiritually superior No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No? (varies)
faculties not found in current humanity No No No Yes - new Root Race faculties Yes - Supramental Yes - higher centers Yes - singularity
Takes over from current humanity No No Yes Yes, through new cosmic cycle Yes - but gradually varies Yes
Earth completely transformed Yes - Kingdom of God No No Yes - more ethereal (6th round) Yes - supramental transformation varies, e.g. Photon Beam Yes - via advanced tech
through activity of the new species No No No No Yes No Yes
Divinisation of Matter varies No No No Yes varies No

Web links Links Web links

external link Nietzsche’s idea of an overman and life from his point of view

external link Vril, The Power of the Coming Race by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton [1871] - complete text on-line

external link The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton Introduced by Brian Aldiss - useful synopsis

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