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The myth of man and creation/emanation
In Rudolph Steiner's cosmogony

The theosophical cosmogony proposed by Rudolph Steiner describes "man" of the "Old Saturn" era as the being from which all other Earth entities (animals, plants, and minerals) have originated through a process of premature emergence.  This is shown in the following diagram:

Anthroposophical version of evolution

In my understanding Steiner and his followers confuse hominid man with an emanation of the primordial person.  Although the "Primordial Person" is generally mythologically represented in anthropocentric terms (like the gods of many mythologies) that is only because it is human beings who write the myths.  A civilisation of intelligent dolphins might refer to Dolphin of the Original Ocean Universe from which all other beings (including those eccentric terrestrial primate bipeds) emanate or evolve.

Nevertheless I feel that Steiner's theory of evolution and metamorphosis from the Primordial Man (or what he terms "mineral man") has some intuitive merit.  Note that mineral man was not for Steiner the original hierarchy; Steiner has many other orders of hierarchies guiding and shaping the evolution of man.

Rudolph Steiner
Rudolph Steiner
primordial person
Primordial Person

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