The Violet Type

Higher Emotional faculty - Imagination

Celestial Body - according to Barbara Brennan

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the colour violet.   As with the indigo level it seems to have elements of all three of Barbara Ann Brennan's higher energy-field bodies, although it may be closest to the sixth ("celestial" = higher emotional).   The equivalent Jungian type would be the Feeling Intuition type (Feeling primary, Intuition secondary, or vice versa), whether introvertive or extrovertive.

Concerning the personality type dominated by this faculty Christopher Hills gives the following insghtful summary

 Imaginative type

This type seeks for an ideal state of harmony and enchantment at seen in the drama or the stage and is therefore out to make a good impressive and become popular us a result of his charm.  Tenderness and consideration of others and himself are marked traits by which he skillfully makes himself indispensable in situations.  Is basically concerned with time and its annihilation.  Orientated to the healing power of poetry and literature and its transforming effects through highly original metaphors. Needs an archetypal image of the Cosmic Intelligence, otherwise conflicts between " will "arid the "imagination" develops.  Tries to create a pattern of life and sets out an example of goodness.  Experiences time in his imagination and is able to distort it in drama. art forms, poetry and imagery.

Christopher Hills, Nuclear Evolution - Discovery of the Rainbow Body,  p.614 (1977, University of the Trees Press)

Corresponding Chakra - Nirvana/Brahmarandha

Christopher Hills identifies this faculty with the top of the head Sahasrara or Crown chakra.  I would agree here, but emphasise that what is being referred to is the lower Sahasrara (the higher the lower Sahasrara is located above the head).

Corresponding astrological planets and signs

Astrologically the planet associated with the higher feeling being is Neptune, which rules Pisces; the sign associated in its highest aspects with mysticism and self-sacrifice, and on the other levels with art, music, film, glamour, escapism, delusion, and (in it's lower aspect) drug-addiction.

Corresponding kabbalistic sefirah

There doesn't appear to be any clear equivalence here.  In the case of the Golden Dawn Hermetic Kabbalah (Qabalah), but in traditional Judaic Kabbalah and especially the Hassidic Kabbalah of the Chabad movement, the corresponding sefirah might be Hokmah (Wisdom).

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