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The Nature of Reality

The Fractal Pattern of Reality

Reality in itself is fractal - it follows a pattern of self-similarity on every level.

Fractals are not only big in science, but also in such esoteric systems of thought as Kabbalah and Theosophy.  Each universe or plane is divided into subplanes of the same configoration, and so on.

The following is my representation of the pattern of Reality - on the basis of Numerology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and other teachings.

quaternity and bigram (I Ching)
Partzufim of Lurianic Kabbalah
Consciousness (Spirit)
yang (9)
attributes of next hypostasis up
Arik Anpin
contemplative, tending to spirit
yin (8)
__  __
higher nature of this hypostasis
Abba and Imma
(Hokmah and Binah)
dynamic, tending to matter
yang (7)
__  __
lower nature of this hypostasis
Ze'er Anpin
Form (Matter)
yin (6)
__  __
__  __
attributes of next hypostasis down

Note that, because of the fractal nature of reality, each of these hypostases would in turn consist of similiar sub-hypostases

A Fractal Map of Reality

In presenting this Map of Reality, I have taken as my primary (but not only) guide Sri Aurobindo, who proposes a comprehensive series of Planes of three lower (finite) and four higher (infinite, Divine, "Supreme Nature" or "Para Prakriti") realities, which are in turn derived from the Supreme and Unmanifest Sachchidananda (Being- Consciousness-Bliss). We have then (1) The Unmanifest Absolute; (2) the Manifest Absolute or Sachchidananda, representing states or modes of infinite Being (Sri Aurobindo has four but I have combined the first two here); and (3) the temporal, evolving, finite to infinite, alpha to omega, Cosmos or Temporal Manifestation. Kashmir Shaivism also postulates three principles - Shiva, Shakti, and the individual entity. If Shiva is the same as the Absolute Consciousness and Shakti that Absolute in manifestation, then these three principles are roughly equivalent

The following is a tentative and purely speculative and hypothetical diagram of Reality employing the fractal principle to integrate Aurobindoan, Buddhistic, Sufi, Kabbalistic, Kashmir Shaivite, Theosophical, and other esoteric teachings.  The diagram can be read from the top to the bottom (descent) or the bottom to the top (ascent)

and so on into infinity...

Even more transcendent aspects of Unmanifest Unmanifest

The Unmanifest Absolute Reality (Shunyata)

Even more transcendent Unmanifest
The Transcendent Unmanifest 
Unmanifest Absolute
The Infinite Manifestation

Manifest Sachchidananda,
the modes of infinite Godhead, which are...

The Unmanifest Manifest
The Unmanifest Godhead
(Ananda - Bliss, Joy, Love)
Love Ananda
Creative Ananda
Dynamic Ananda
The Dynamic Absolute Reality (Supramental)
The Temporal Manifestation
finite to infinite dualistic existence
consisting of:
Noetic Pleroma
Divine Manifestation - almost indistinguishable from the Manifest Absolute
Atzilut - Lahut - Shantita Tattwas
Noetic-Noeric Pleroma
Divine Gnosis - Karuna, Baraka, Empathy
Beriah - Jabarut - Shanti Tattwas
Noeric Pleroma
Spiritual archetypes - Spiritual Formation
Yetzirah - Malakut - Vidya Tattwas
Gross and Subtle Cosmos and planes,
including infinite worlds
Spiritual, Psychic and Physical evolution
Asiyah (making) - Impure Tattwas

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