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The Hyperborean Era

During the next stage following the Polarian, the Hyperborean era (as with the Polarian, a term first applied by Blavatsky), the Earth condenses further so that air arises as well as fire. [Occult Science, p.181].  The sun is still joined to the Earth.  This is a repetition of the Old Sun era, but at a higher level of development.

 "After the Earth had developed the air element...there were astral beings, left over from the ancient Moon, who...are the ancestors of the present animal kingdom....The  animals thus created had souls that could not reside in the individual animal....We may speak in this sense...(of) animal souls (as) a species or group soul..." [p.201]

Here we see a very popular anthroposophical and theosophical idea, that of the animal species group-entity, the group-angel or group-consciousness of that species.  Again, parallels can be seen with Platonism, Ishraqism, and even the Shamanic idea of contacting archetypal or "power animals".

It was during the Hyperborean stage where the sun is seperated from the earth-moon.  The Spirits of Form, together with the higher hierarchies, eject the densifying earth-moon substances, which would have impeded their activity, and remain centred in the sun [Paul E. Chu, Life Before Birth, Life on Earth, Life After Death, p.97].

The Hyperborean era seems quite reminiscent of transpersonal psychologist Ken Wilber's "Uroboric" stage of psychogenesis, indicating that both are tapping into the same psycho-mythic reality

The Hyperborean age as the Early/Mid Paleozoic era, according to Dr Hermann Poppelbaum Ken Wilber's "Uroboric" stage of Psychogenesis


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