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The Polarian Era

The first stage in the present Earth evolution, Steiner referrs to as the Polarian (a term originally coined by Blavatsky).  As he explains in his book Cosmic Memory

"(Originally) the Earth stands before the spiritual eye as a cosmic being that is wholly soul and spirit....Within this cosmic structure everything that is to be transformed later into the creatures of the physical earth is contained in a germinal state....

In this cosmic being something now takes place that may be called a condensation, which results in a fire form appearing in the midst of this soul structure, a form similiar to [the] Saturn [stage] in its densest condition.  This fire form is interwoven with the activities of the various beings who participate in evolution...." [Occult Science,


In this stage, the Earth consisted of Warmth Ether, and "man" existed as clouds of "fire-mist" (another term again originally used by Blavatsky) as dense as a cloud suspended in the air.  Fire-cloud man is internally alive and organised, but only dimly conscious, and under the direction of higher spiritual beings [Cosmic Memory, p.133].

The Polarian stage seems quite reminiscent of transpersonal psychologist Ken Wilber's "Pleromatic" stage of psychogenesis, indicating that both are tapping into the same psycho-mythic reality

The Polarian age as the Cambrian period, according to Dr Hermann Poppelbaum The Polarian age according to Blavatsky  Ken Wilber's "Pleromatic" stage of Psychogenises


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