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The Sun Evolutionary Epoch

The following description of the "Saturn Metamorphosis" is by Paul E. Chu, from his book Life before Birth - Life on Earth, Life after Death.

A second planetary evolution called Ancient Sun or simply Sun, begins. A short repetition of the Saturn development takes place to prepare the physical organism of man to incorporate another member.

The next highest hierarchy, the Spirits of WISDOM (Kyriotetes or Dominions) sacrifice of their substance to give man his etheric body! This is the "gift of mobile and power-filled wisdom, the gift of LIFE that is bestowed by the Spirits of Wisdom." The whole of the Sun Sphere was filled with LIFE! Life was the gift of the Spirits of Wisdom. Warmth ether condenses into 'air' as its lower part and into light ether as its more refined part. "The Spirits of Motion then implant a powerful activity in it. The Spirits of Form give the two-membered entity of man a definite form. He becomes a human-plant. His consciousness is that of dreamless sleep. One can compare it with the dull consciousness of plants of our day." (Cosmic Memory, p.184)

The Archangels or Fire Spirits go through their humanity stage on Sun, with 'air' or the gaseous element as their densest form and using the two-membered human entity for its field of activity. The physical body advances in its development and "the Spirits of Wisdom bestow wisdom on the limbs to render their motion a wisdom-directed one." (Cosmic Memory, p.188)

On Sun, the physical body goes through its second stage of development, becoming more perfect thereby, while the etheric body goes through its first stage.

At the beginning, Sun was a sphere the size of the orbit of Qur Jupiter around our sun. In it was LIFE. In the later stage there were two planets, the sun acting external to the remaining body.

Towards the end of Sun development, the Cherubim pour out their wisdom on the etheric body to give man the disposition for future development of his life-spirit. There follows another cosmic rest period in which everything unites into one body. Each hierarchy rises another stage, while "others fail to develop fully and some become the Spirits of Darkness which implant independence and selfishness into man." For further details, see Cosmic Memory Chapter 15 or Occult Science. [Chu, pp.88-90]


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