The Avatar Stream - The Mother on Herself

The following talk has been transcribed from tape (and translated from the original French into English).  In it, Mirra (the Mother) discusses herself in relation to the Divine Consciousess embodied in her, and mentions a number of important points regarding the continuation (reincarnation) of the Avatar and the avataric emanations on the psychic planes.

I refer to this process of the avatar through successive lives and in successive forms as the Avatar Stream or Avatar Current.  And in view of the fact that there would be a  number of  Currents and Streams manifests on Earth and throught the Universe - whether avataric, klippotic, or mixed - the following conversation contains much occult infomation of great value.  I have included some hyperlinks, but as this pageand my whole site is still under construction, more will be added in future.

Agenda, June 27, 1962

Mirra Alfassa - The Mother You know, mon petit, I said one day that in the history of earth, wherever there was a possibility for the Consciousness to manifest, I was there (1); this is a fact. It's like the story of Savitri: always there, always there, always there, in this one, that one at certain times there were four emanations (1b) simultaneously! At the time of the Italian and French Renaissance. And again at the time of Christ, then too.... Oh, you know, I have remembered so many, many things! It would take volumes to tell it all. And then, more often than not (not always, but more often than not), what took part in this or that life was a particular yogic formation of the vital being in other words something immortal. (2)

And when I came this time, as soon as I took up the yoga, they came back again from all
sides, they were waiting. Some were simply waiting, others were working (they led their own independent lives) and they all gathered together again. That's how I got those memories. One after the other, those vital beings came a deluge! I had barely enough time to assimilate one, to see, situate and integrate it, and another would come. They are quite independent, of course, they do their own work, but they are very centralized all the same.  And there are all kinds all kinds, anything you can imagine! Some of them have even been in men: they are not exclusively feminine.

At first, I used to think they were fantasies. Before I met Sri Aurobindo they would come and come and come to me, night after night and sometimes during the day a mass of things! Afterwards I told Sri Aurobindo about it, and he explained to me that it was quite natural. And indeed, it is quite natural: with the present incarnation of the Mahashakti (as he described it in Savitri), whatever is more or less bound up with Her wants to take part, that's quite natural. And it's particularly true for the vital: there has always been a preoccupation with organizing, centralizing, developing and unifying the vital forces, and controlling them. So there's a considerable number of vital beings, each with its own particular ability, who have played their role in history and now return.

But this one [the tall white Being] is not of human origin; it was not formed in a human life: it is a being that had already incarnated, and is one of those who presided over the formation of this present being [Mother]. But, as I said, I saw it: it was sexless, neither male nor female, and as intrepid as the vital can be, with a calm but absolute power.... Ah, I found a very good description of it in one of Sri Aurobindo's plays, when he speaks of the goddess Athena (I think it's in Perseus, but I am not sure); she has that kind of ... it's an almighty calm, and with such authority! Yes, it's in Perseus when she appears to the Sea-God and forces him to retreat to his own domain. There's a description there that fits this Being quite well.(3)  Besides, all the Greek gods are various aspects of a single thing: you see it this way, that way, that way, this way (turning her hand, Mother seems to show several facets of a single prism).... But it's simply one and the same thing. (4)

Sri Aurobindo's description fits this Being exactly. And a few days ago, this same Being came, without my calling it or thinking about it or wishing it to come. And it seemed to be saying it was time for it to intervene.

So I let it!

During the whole time Sri Aurobindo was here (4b), the four entities he speaks of, the four Aspects of the Mother,(5) were always present. And I was constantly obliged to tell one or the other of them, "Now keep calm, now, now, calm down" they were always inclined to intervene!

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(1) "Since the beginning of the earth, wherever and whenever there was the possibility of manifesting a ray of the Consciousness, I was there." March 14, 1952.

(1b) The four forms of the Supreme Mother (MahaShakti)

(2) Each of these formations had an independent, immortal existence.

A whiteness and a strength is in the skies...
Virgin formidable
In beauty, disturber of the ancient world! ...
How art thou white and beautiful and calm,
Yet clothed in tumult! Heaven above thee shakes
Wounded with lightnings, goddess, and the sea
Flees from thy dreadful tranquil feet.
(Perseus the Deliverer, Cent. Ed., VI. 6.)

(4) "They are different aspects of one self-existent thing," Mother clarified. "These beings have merely taken on different aspects depending on the country or the culture."

(4b) Sri Aurobindo had left his physical body twelve years before - reference is here made to his presence on the subtle planes

(5) See The Mother by Sri Aurobindo.

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