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Mirra's Cosmology - the twelve planes

Mirra (the Mother) explains the unity of the Divine and the material creation as represented this symbolically in the form of the figure eight.  The first half of the eight is the Supreme leaning forward towards manifes-tation.  The base of the eight is Nature in the sleep of non-consciousness.  Nature then rises towards the Divine (the second half of the eight).  The top of the eight is golden, which becomes prismatic in the middle and deep blue at the bottom of the figure.  The blue then becomes lighter and lighter in ascending, and finally golden.  Thus the cycle continues perpetually [1].

Elsewhere, regarding this, she refers to twelve planes of existence, each of which has a particular corresponding colour, whilst acknowledging of course that these are spiritual lights that cannot truely be reproduced physically [2].  The whole schema can be tabularised as follows:

seven higher  planes
(supreme creative joy)
Pure White
 five lower  planes 
Overmind (prismatic)
Illumined Mind
Higher Mind
Material Nature

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[1] Mother's Agenda, vol 4, pp.135-6

[2] Mother's Agenda, vol 4, pp.143-4

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