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The Temporal Manifestation

In Sri Aurobindo's cosmology the Temporal Manifestation represents the "lower hemisphere" of Mind, Life and Matter. This, the dualistic and imperfect reality, is to be transformed and divinised through the process of Supramentalisation - this will represent what a, or the, Divinization of the Cosmos

The transformation of the lower creation will bring about a change in everything; it is what Creation has been striving for since the beginning of time, what Teilhard de Chardin calls the Omega Point. This in itself will not be the end of evolution, but only the beginning a truely Divine Evolution.

"In the temporal creation Sat seems to be separated from Chit and Ananda. Hence the play of the inconscience becomes possible and the creation of Ignorance and an ignorant Maya. The Chit-Shakti has to reveal the Sat Purusha to herself and her creation and entirely to meet him and recover the true identity and union in the Ananda. She seems to be put out from him, but all the time she is in him and he in her. It is this concealed truth that has to become manifest and effective and its discovery is the secret of the new creation in which the superconscient and inconscient will become conscious and fill with the supreme Sachchidananda, One in Two and Two in One. Then the temporal manifestation will be recreated in the image of the Truth. It will be in harmony with the eternal manifestation, built by what comes down to it directly from the Eternal. For through the Ananda and the Supramental the eternal manifestation stands behind the temporal creation and secretly supports its involved and evolving movements."
Sri Aurobindo, The Hour of God 4th ed. 1982, p.73

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