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The following account is taken mostly from an earlier edit on Wikipedia (the page has since been deleted.

In my own experience with the forum (of which I am not currently subscribed), you can get some good feedback and replies from the list members, as well as answers to any questions one might have regarding the path of Integral Yoga.

external link The auroconf mail list is the Integral Yoga Community online forum, and the primary mailing list serving the online community of followers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It was started by Larry Tepper in 1994, and by February 2000 had a membership of around 125.

Openness and freedom of discussion are encouraged, and each participant is free to hold and express differing ideas on all subjects, including Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Integral yoga, other spiritual teachers, and so on.

The forum has matured over the years, and provides a venue for the sharing of spiritual aspirations, insights, and experiences, in an environment free of flame wars and competitiveness.

Traffic varies from high when a subject of emotional contention comes up, to almost none for long periods. The list is only lightly moderated and well behaved.

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