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Auroconf Controversies

I have subscribed to Auroconf on and off a few times. i am no longer subscribed because I find all groups limiting. For me Sri Aurobiondo and the Mother's Presence is a personal one, and groups are just more people with their experiences. Besides, there was the matter of Wikipedia link Peter Heehs The Lives of Sri Aurobindo schism, in which the forum was split between pro- and anti-Heehs factions, and I didn't want any more of it.

For the most part the forum is a peaceful one. Occaisonally a big argument occurs between irreconcilable factions. The two main controversies can be mentioned here:

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, involving the PNB minority faction and their attacks on teh forum because it refused to acknowledge their guru as the Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's successor (well, I don't acknowledge her as such eitrher - it si a classic case of ego inflation)

Peter Heehs, whose academic biography The Lives of Sri Aurobindo has split the community according to religious versus modernity/holistic stages of development

The Norelli-Bachelet controversy was mentioned on the old Wikipedia page

As of 2006, only three people have ever been banned [from Auroconf] for disruptive behaviour. One, external linkRobert E. Wilkinson around 1997, was a proponent of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's role as the third element in the Supramental Descent. The second, in or about 1998, was a retired professor from Notre Dame University in Indiana, and an atheist [MAK: has nothing to do with PNB]. The third, in May of 2006, was external link Lori Tompkins (blog post here), founder of Integral Yoga Studies in California, who is also a student of Norelli-Bachelet. All were banned, after a great many weeks of postings, because it was felt, both by the Forum moderators and the rest of the forum, that they had no intention to join in a dialogue, but rather to attempt to convert, subvert, and antagonize. According to the Auroconf moderators none were banned for their views. Wilkinson has since written his own critical account (MAK: or negative over-emotional rant, you can decide), in response.

For a while, the forum was full of passionate anti-Heehs statements by Indian religious followers, and pro-Heehs statements by Western and some Indian students. I had enough and unsubscribed, although by the time uI had unsubscribed the argument had died down without ever being resolved.

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