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Living in Harmony with Gaia

Holism and Ecological Spirituality


The emerging eco-spiritual civilisation

Some Links and Resources


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Web Site Gaia Education Outreach Institute - "The Gaia Education Outreach Institute (GEO) is a nonprofit organization that educates for mindful, sustainable living and a compassionate sense of interbeing with the Earth community."

Gaia Nation Gaia Nation
We hold these truths to be self evident:

Earth Ascending - Welcome to the Core

Web Site c o s m o g e n e s i s 2 0 1 2 - The aim of CG2012 is to be a global online magazine that takes into account all the things that seem to matter to alternative people in a modern world. everything from politics to earth to having fun.   Our magazine will be about Travel, Spirituality, Activism, Social Conscience, Technology, Philosophy, Art, Culture and of course, the amazing power of the Psychedelic and Trance energies. - a very promising looking project

Wilson's Almanac
Wilson's Almanac - "Today is the day!"
free, illustrated email-zine: Daily celebrations: Folklore of each day; global festivals; ancient Christian & pagan calendar customs; New Age; spiritual; alternatives; On This Day; inspiration; humor; audio.
The almanac emails and website are focused on planetary change, environmental consciousness and the search for new ways of living. Also on this site is a very large directory of organisations that care about Planet Earth and that are doing something positive in their daily work.

Sakina home page
Sakina Mail List

web page The Genesis of Eden

Web Site Solipse Home page

Web Site Tranet - A Chronicle of the Emerging Gaian Cultures

Web Site GAIA - The Foundation for Sustainable Development - GAIA is a non-profit environmental organisation, based in the UK, that integrates the social, environmental and economic aspects of Sustainable Development in order to deliver programmes that, at one and the same time, protect the environment, promote health and relieve poverty.

Web Site Renewable Energy Education & Discussion The Discussion and Educational Resource for Renewable, Sustainable Home Built Energy Production. A DIY Guide for building your own Solar, PV, Hydro, Biofuel (Biodiesel, Ethanol, Etc.) Steam, Etc. Energy Solutions

The Big Picture

THE NEW AGE OF EVOLUTION by W.B. Howard.- this fundamentalist Christian critique actually encompasses a very good summary of various Gaian and New Age ideas regarding the evolution of spiritual consciousness.  Just skip the bible thumping bits and concentrate on the quotes.

A Contest Between Transpersonal Ecologies - Michael E. Zimmerman - on-line essay

web pagelinks What is Gaia - short intro, and good annoitated list of links on ecological and planetary consciousness

web page The Planetary Shift in Consciousness - from where we are to where we have to go (although anyone with gnosis is there already, the point is that the mass consciousness has to shift as well) from the Soul Life Center site - Soul Life Center On-line offers an interactive psycho-educational program that: fosters increased understanding and self-awareness; helps resolve problems and blocks; facilitates realization of potential and meaning in one's life; advocates conscious evolution informed by intrinsic spiritual purpose for both individual and planetary good.

Geocommons College Program in partnership with the University of New Hampshire - Studies in Sustainable Living Practices


In Association with

Gaia : An Atlas of Planet Management
Gaia : An Atlas of Planet Management
by Norman, Dr. Myers (Editor), Nancy J. Myers

Global Issues | Activist | Design and Green Construction | Global Brain, Collective Consciousness

Global Issues

Book Vanishing Borders : Protecting the Planet in the Age of Globalization by Hilary F. French

Book Divided Planet : The Ecology of Rich and Poor by Tom Athanasiou

Book Betrayal of Science and Reason : How Anti-Environment Rhetoric Threatens Our Future by Paul R. Ehrlich, Anne H. Ehrlich

Book Ending the Explosion : Population Policies and Ethics for a Humane Future by William G. Hollingsworth

Book Vital Signs 2000: The Environment Trends That are Shaping our Future by Lester Russell Brown

Book The World Watch Reader on Global Environmental Issues by Lester Russell Brown (Editor), Ed Ayres

Book Stolen Harvest : The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply by Vandana Shiva

Book The War Against the Greens : The 'Wise-Use' Movement, the New Right, and Anti-Environmental Violence by David Helvarg

Book Global Spin : The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism by Sharon Beder

Activist Groups

Book Greenpeace Witness : Twenty-Five Years on the Environmental Front Line by Mark Warford (Editor), Dalai Lama (Introduction), Kieran Mulvaney

Book Earth for Sale : Reclaiming Ecology in the Age of Corporate Greenwash by Brian Tokar

Design and Construction

Book Building Green in a Black and White World by David Ritchey Johnston

Book Alternative Construction: Contemporary Natural Building Methods by Lynne Elizabeth (Editor), Cassandra Adams

Book Green Building Materials: A Guide to Product Selection and Specification by Ross Spiegel, Dru Meadows

Book Green Architecture by James Wines

Book The Ecological Design Handbook by Fred Stitt (Editor)

Book The Technology of Ecological Building : Basic Principles and Measures, Examples and Ideas by Klaus Daniels, transl. by Elizabeth Schwaiger (Translator)

Global Brain, Collective Consciousness

Book Global Brain Awakens by Peter Russell, Marilyn Ferguson

Book Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century by Howard K. Bloom

Book Awakening Earth : Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness by Duane Elgin

Book Earth Ascending : An Illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems by Jose Arguelles, Jose Arquelles

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