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Dimensions of Gaia

Imitatio Mundi
(imitation of the world)
Condensation, Precipitation, and coagulation
of the earth as an alchemical vessel
"The direction of matter is towards the formation of Planets where all life is seeded in imitatio mundi.  The ground you stand on is matter, but it contains the seeds of evolution."

[12. Life-Mother,  symbol 45. Planet]

I have termed the various evolutionary aspects of Gaia
the Geosphere, Biosphere, Noosphere, and (still to come) Technosphere and Theosphere.
These are represented in the following panel:


the Soul of the Earth and the Divine Sparks `within all beings

The Elemental Earth
(inanimate Gaia)
the gaseous envelope
the watery Earth
- the layers of crust, mantle and core that make up the planet
  The animate and living component of Gaia
the Biosphere
life on Earth in all it's miraculous diversity
the Noosphere
Gaia attaining consciousness and Self-Consciousness through human development
the creative inventiveness of man generating a new digital creation
  The culmination of embodied evolution is the divinisation of matter itself 
the dawn of the New Creation

photo of  the Sahara (Geosphere section) by Francois Arne
irises  and city skyline courtesy of Microsoft Corporate Photographer, Michael Moore
Himalayan Sunrise ©  Phil Maranda

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