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Gurdjieff and the Chassidic Rebbe's Candle

Aquil Merchant

I liked very much the story that Yakov recounted of Yehuda Avner's conversation with the Lubavitcher rebbe. I think that one very important precept of Gurdjieff reflects the Rebbe's comments very well.   Gurdjieff it seems to me covered his knowledge in crumpled wrappings. In what, I believe to be a metaphor, he says that a humans entire purpose in life is to create the life force needed for the moon. Gurdjieff cosmology incorporates concepts similar to Ibn Arabi that there is a hierachy of worlds. So the 'moon' represents the next link in the chain. In order for man to 'feed the moon' - he must 'remember' through personal effort - this being analogous to the wick of the candle as the Reb points out - to bring him/her Self to the overcome the 'kundabuffer'. The kundabuffer being the 'human imperfection' that forces us to not realize the kundalini serpent... as according to Gurdjieff that this effort is the fuel that feeds the 'moon' .

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