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The 4 Bigrams

The following table lists the four two-line kua, here designated as bigrams.  Three bigrams combine to make a single hexagram, with the combinations of 4 x 4 x 4 resulting  in a  total of 64 hexagrams.

Although the bigrams have a lot of archetypal significance, they play almost no role in chinese thought, far greater emphasis being given to the trigrams.  It seems to me though that if yin and yang are the primary cosmological polarity, their initial combination, represented here as the bigram, should also be of relevence.

I have associated each bigram with a western (Graeco-Celtic) element and a  Kabbalistic World and Divine Letter.

bigram chinese meaning value Greek and Celtic element letter of Divine name (Kabbalah) Kabablistic world RNA/DNA nucleic base
ch'ien old (mature) yang 9 fire yod Atzilut Guanine
young yin young yin 8 water he Beriah Cytosine
young yang young yang 7 air vau Yetzirah Adenine
old yin old (mature) yin 6 earth final he Asiyah Thymine


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