The Chistiyyah

The Chistiyyah is a Sufi order.  Hazrat Inayat Khan, who popularized Sufism to the West earlier in this century, was a member of the Chishti order.

The tomb of Khwaja Mu'im ad-Din Muhammad  (Mu'in ad-Din Hasan Chshti) (1142-1236), widely recognized as a Qutub (Sadguru, Perfect Master), is still a major place of visitation in Ajmir, India.  He was the ninth (or eighth) successor of the founder of this order - Khwaja (Hojah, Khoja) Abu Iskhak ah-Shami (died in 1097). Chisht is a village in Afghanistan (near Gerat). Mu'id ad-Din came to India in 1193.

Tom Hickey and Evgueni Tortchinov

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