An Interpretation
of the
Natal Chart
Sabbetai Zevi

according to the astrological principles and practices
known to the subject and his circle


Bryan Griffith Dobbs, Ph.D.


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[If we distinguish between astrology as it was practiced from Late Classical Antiquity until the end of the nineteenth century and astrology as it is practiced during the twentieth century, it is appropriate to say that ancient astrology was more rigidly prescriptive than its contemporary counterpart and more occupied with traditional moral questions.  It tended to be specific in its predictions in a manner entirely atypical of modern practice, which primarily emphasizes psychological values.  In the interpretation that follows, I have attempted to present a reading of Sabbatai Zevi's natal chart as he himself and his circle would have interpreted it.  The horoscope wheel accompanying this analysis is, however, based on late twentieth century techniques.]

[The interpretations that follow are those of Ptolemaic astrology, as filtered through Greek, Arabic and Hebrew sources and set forth by Abraham Ibn Ezra in 1143 in RESHIT HOKHMAH, "The Beginning of Wisdom", the most widely disseminated, translated and studied astrological text of the mediaeval period;  I have gleaned additional insights from contemporary, that is seventeenth century, European astrological theory and practice.]

[Ancient astrological interpretation abounds in contradictions.  In what follows, a representative selection has been made, so that it will be immediately apparent that some of what is said (using the words of the classic text itself) directly applies to the person and life of Sabbatai Zevi and some does not.  While the definitive source in English for biographical information remains Gershom Scholem's magisterial Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, a briefer source is the article Scholem wrote on Zevi for the Encyclopedia Judaica, which has been reprinted a number of times together with all of the contributions by Scholem on Jewish mysticism, under the title  Kabbalah.  Most recently, Moshe Idel has published Messianic Mystics and Harris Lenowitz has published The Jewish Messiahs.  Because of the abundance of readily accessible biographical material, I have not felt it necessary to insert confirmatory biographical comments throughout.  I do so however on a limited number of occasions.  Even someone with only a basic knowledge of the life, person and ideas of Sabbatai Zevi will readily recognize the degree to which the astrological predictors, taken from the classic source and not modified, related directly to him.]

[Using Ibn Ezra's techniques, Mercury has been read into the 4th House and Venus has been read into the 5th House.]


Sabbatai's Natal Chart

Natal Chart


A Very Brief Summary

Here is the briefest summary of Sabbetai Zevi's chart:
Aug 01, 1626
12:00:01 LMT
Sabbetai Zevi
Izmir, TUR
ZONE: +00.00
The 213th day of the year
Planetary hour:  Saturn
  [Note:  This confirms my surmise as to an appropriate birth time.]
6th hour of Venus-Night
Moon in 2nd Quarter 
Julian Day:  2315156.42459
Placidus Houses

Houses and Planets

House Starts At Contents
1 28 degrees 9 minutes of Taurus Empty
2 23 degrees 16 minutes of Gemini Empty
3 14 degrees 35 minutes of Cancer  Mercury  04d34m  of Leo
4 07 degrees 01 minutes of Leo Sun  08d24m  of Leo
Uranus 25d33' of Leo
Mars  26d01m of Leo
Lunar Nodes 26d44m of Leo
Venus  01d32m of Virgo
5 05 degrees 00 minutes of Virgo Saturn  13d53m of Virgo
6 13 degrees 15 minutes of Libra Neptune  22d18m of Libra
Jupiter  23d40m of Libra
Vtx     27d37m of Libra
Moon  13d29m of Scorpio
7 28 degrees 09 minutes of Scorpio Empty
8 23 degrees 16 minutes of Sagittarius Empty
9 14 degrees 35 minutes of Capricorn Empty
10 07 degrees 01 minutes of Aquarius Empty
11 05 degrees 00 minutes of Pisces Empty
12 13 degrees 15 minutes of Aries Eq     11d53m of Taurus
Pluto  19d02m of Taurus


The Interpretation


[The horoscope is presented in the form of a wheel.  Life experience is mapped onto the wheel which is divided  into twelve houses, grouped thematically and assigned to the signs of the Zodiac.  The houses in the wheel accompanying this essay are based on the methods of the seventeenth-century Italian monk, Placidus de Tito.  This system, most favoured at present, allocates the houses that amount of space required  by the Sun to pass from one sign to the next.  As opposed to this temporally based system, the earlier systems of Ptolemy, Campanus, Regiomontanus and Morin were spatially based.]

**     The Affairs of the First House:  Health, Vitality and

..          The Ascendant is in Taurus Sabbatai Zevi

                 General Appearance:
                big or thick arms,
                hands, buttocks
                Complexion:  swarthy brown
                Eyes:  full or great
                Big or broad face
                Broad, high or large forehead
                Crisping or curling, thick, black hair
                Short legs
                Thick lips
                Large mouth
                Short and fat neck
                Wide nostrils
                Large, strong shoulders
                Short, full, well-set stature

                 Refer to the portrait of Sabbatai Zevi (right):

..           The Almuten of the Ascendant is the Moon

                 Such a person loves to wander from place to  place, is a lover of peace, loves novelty
                and is ingenious.  Such a person is also unsteadfast, wavering and timorous.

             ... and the Moon is Debilitated by Fall

                 Such a person is loose, if not lazy, and careless.  If left to his own devices, he
                is liable to live in a poor or mean condition.

             ... and the Moon is in Scorpio

                 Such a person will be perceived as bad, whether he actually is or not.   At the
                least, such a person is impudent, but often this develops into theft, abandoning good works
                and deliberately consorts with "bad" types.

..           The Dispositor of the Ascendant is Venus
             ... and Venus is Dignified by Triplicity

                 Such a person is inclined to mirth, and is generally virtuous, delighting in pleasure,
                neat in appearance, often ensnared in love affairs,  although constant in his affection
                and remarkably free of jealousy.

            ... and Venus is Debilitated by Fall

                 Such a person is dominated by his desire for pleasure and doesn't much care if his
                reputation is hurt thereby.

            ... and Venus is in Virgo

                 Such a person's health will be focused on intestines, bowels, diaphragm and spleen.
                He will have a tendency towards obstructions, hypochondria, excess secretions,
                gas, and colic when young.  His body will be spare, he will be of average height
                for his family, with dark hair, a long head, and eyes larger than typical for his
                family. He will be well-spoken, curious, discreet and inconstant.

                [Sabbatai Zevi is said to have died of a bowel obstruction.  Poison remains a distinct

..           The Dispositor of the Ascendant is in 5th

                 Such a person is given to all kinds of  pleasures, including gambling.  He benefits
                from efforts on his behalf by friends.

..           In-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 1st is in Detriment or Fall

                 Such a person's childhood was not fun and more of a hindrance than a help.

..           Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 1st is in Detriment or Fall

                 Adulthood is a problematic rite of passage for such a person. During those years, he
                will not feel in control of his life for any great length of time.

            ... and the Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 1st is Peregrine

                 Such a person's adulthood involves many twists and turns, sometimes good, sometimes
                bad, but almost always unsettled. Such a person avoids these complications by
                adopting an unconventional path through life.  He is much happier when he puts
                himself outside normal expectations.

**     The Affairs of the Second House:  Money and Possessions

..          The Ruler of the 2nd House is Mercury

                 Such a person will most likely be able to make money from:
                bargains, business, arts, exercise of the wits, study; or invention of new things,
                or through searching after curiosities.  He will profit from buying and selling
                information, he will be a conduit for data and will profitfrom the distribution or
                publishing of information.

..          The Ruler of the 2nd is in the 4th House

                 Such a person's wealth will increase by inheritance.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 2nd is Peregrine

                 Such a person's adult experience of money will involve many ups and downs.
                The way such a person achieves some level of stability is to make money
                through unconventional means.

**     The Affairs of the Third House:  Short Trips,
         Spirituality, Information, Siblings and Relatives

[The Third house in the Ptolemaic system is the House of the Goddess.  In Ibn Ezra's system
it becomes the House of the Shekinah, of religious manifestations that are feminine in nature.
Since women were the out-of-power party in religious matters, theThird House is seen as the
setting for religion encompassing heresies or practices that don't follow the societal norm of
the subject's cultural environment.  The Ninth House is called the House of God.  When that house is evilly aspected, as in the case of the present subject, it points to an individual who is a heretic or schismatic.]

..          The Ruler of the 3rd House is the Moon

                 The Moon is a rather severe filter forinformation:  what such a person hears
                and understands and, hence, communicates to others is very dependent on what his
                mood is when he hears  it.  His mood is a very sensitive indicator of his physical state
                and the small fluctuations that occur in daily life  can result in major changes in his
                ability to learn and  understand.  Such a person especially needs to be careful
                not to overeat or overdrink at times when he needs his  concentration to be at its best.

..          The Ruler of the 3rd is in the 6th House

                 Life is not easy when it comes to the relatives; there is constant contention.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 3rd is in Detriment or Fall

                 Middle siblings or cousins, if any, work at cross purposes to such a person,
               end up requiring extra attention or actively denigrate him.

            ... and the Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 3rd is Peregrine

                 Such a person will find that others vacillate in their relationship with him.
                For him to make these relationships work, he must not follow any expectations
                that others have.

**     The Affairs of the Fourth House:  Parents, Property and
         Home Life

..          Mars is in the 4th House

                 Such a person has a violent streak, which  if not controlled could be felonious.  This
                violence can utterly ruin his reputation, cause calamity and trouble, destroying both his
                reputation and his dwelling.  it threatens damage by fire,  wounds and hurts to the body;
                molestation, loss or damage from his partner.  His temper knows no bounds, and
                rampaging, snuffs out like a candle, leaving an unsavoury scent behind.

            ... and Mars is Conjunct Venus

                 Such a person may exercise self control and find an outlet for his energy.

            ... and the Chart is Nocturnal

                 Such a person has martial leanings and ends up being stationed in forlorn
                places or ends up taking care of wild beasts.  Such a person is rebellious and
                likely to waste his inheritance or any other money.

..          The Sun is in the 4th House

                 Such a person attains honour and dignity in old age, as well as wealth in land.
                He may find buried treasure and much gain.

            ... and the Sun is Conjunct the Ruler of the 4th House

                 Such a person will inherit a great estate.

..          Mercury is in the 4th House

                 Such a person has an excellent memory and good understanding, a brain apt
                for higher education.  He is acute and apt in allbusiness.  By industry and ingenuity,
                he can accumulate a stable fortune in lands and estates. However, there is likely to be
                contention, strife and molestation with those closely related to him.

            ... and Mercury Rises before the Sun

                 This person is capable of teaching secret arts.

            ... and the Sun is Conjunct Mercury

                 This person's background may not be the greatest, but he is skilled in secret and
                 illegal arts. Despite this, he is sober and honest.

..          The North Node is in the 4th House

                 This person stands to gain much from the acquisition of  lands, houses,
                 inheritances and so forth.  He may be surprised by the extent of his
                 gain, although he will have benefited from a noble and stable family tree.

..          The Ruler of the 4th is in the 4th House

                 Such a person is fortunate in all financial matters, he will benefit from elders in
                his family and will increase his family's wealth.

            ... and the Ruler of the 4th is Combust

                 No matter how much this person profits, he will spend more and more.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 4th is in Rulership,
            Exaltation or Triplicity

                 This person will do well in financial matters having to do with property or land.

..          The Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 4th is Peregrine

                 This person has difficulty keeping the end in mind.  It is easy for him to get bogged
                down in projects and to forget what the goal is.  He must therefore set aside externally
                encouraged goals in favour of internally generated ones.  He can achieve great things
                if he follows his own course.

**     The Affairs of the Fifth House:  Children, Affairs,
         Speculation, Recreation and Fun

..          Saturn is in the 5th House

                 This person will have few if any children.  If there are any, their health will be delicate.
                They will be cross and disobedient, causing much worry and grief. In negotiations,
                such a person often becomes taciturn and rather than heed the message punishes the

            ... and the Chart is Nocturnal

                 This person is fortunate over time, but only slowly.  He lacks courage, more because of
                 lethargy than from fear.

..          Venus is in the 5th House

                 Such a person will have much joy in life and will have  prosperous and fortunate
                children.  While he will not necessarily become well known, he will succeed
                in his calling, will be inclined to pleasurable recreations and  will find it easy to
                obtain his goals.

            ... and Venus is Sextile Jupiter

                 This person has the capability of making an impact on others that will really be
                noticed.  If he does well by others,  they will be sure to reward him.

..          The Ruler of the 5th House is Mercury

                 Not exactly a natural gossip, this person enjoys all forms of verbal communication.

..          The Ruler of the 5th is in the 4th House

                 This person will enjoy an estate from his parents.

            ... and the Ruler of the 5th is Combust

                 However, that estate will not be large.  Any children of this
                person  may face troubles, mortal dangers and imprisonment.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 5th is in Detriment or Fall

                 Whenever this person tries to enjoy himself, he seems to have problems.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 5th is Peregrine

                 This person's pleasure is transitory.

**     The Affairs of the Sixth House:  Illness, Danger and
         Work Environment

..          Jupiter is in the 6th House

                 This person is generally healthy, but often finds himself exposed to danger
                through lack of caution.

..          The Moon is in the 6th House

                 Many diseases may plague this person in mind and body.

            ... and the Moon is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

                 Overall, this person's vitality is good. He benefits from servants, employees and
                older relatives.  He may make money dealing in small animals and birds.

..          The Ruler of the 6th is in the 5th House

                 This person has a susceptibility to venereal disease.  He can easily get sick
                from overeating.  Any children he may have will tend to be sickly.

..          The Ruler of the 6th House is Venus

                 This person is subject to the following general health problems:
                suffocation, sudden and brief illnesses, dislocation and venereal disease.

            ... and Venus is in Virgo

                 In addition, he is subject to bowel problems and worms.

**     The Affairs of the Seventh House:  Intimate Partners,
         Business Partners, Open Enemies and Clients

..          The Ruler of the 7th House is Mars

                 This person's preferred type in a long-term relationship is, if fortunate, of an
                 imperious spirit, one that can bear nothing of wrong, desirous of revenge,
                 willing to rule rather than fail her partner; hasty, etc.  But if unfortunate,
                 this partner will be evil-minded, proud though beggarly, stubborn, insolent,
                 never quiet except when asleep, given to scolding and quarreling.

..          The Ruler of the 7th is in the 4th House

                 This person will increase his holdings through a good  partnership with someone
                who is virtuous and honest.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is in Detriment or Fall

                 This person is advised not to start an argument or engage in a quarrel.
                He will generally lose.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is Peregrine

                 This person is not always ready for conflict and is most
                successful at it when using unconventional means.

..          The Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 7th is in Detriment or Fall

                 Social intercourse escapes this person.  He is not good at small talk.

**     The Affairs of the Eighth House:  Death, Taxes, Inheritance
         and Other People's Money

..          The Ruler of the 8th [Anareta] is in the 6th House

                 Neither servants nor employees nor pets will serve this person in good stead.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 8th is in Rulership, Exaltation or Triplicity

                 This person will benefit both from older people and from anything old.

..          The Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 8th is Peregrine

                 The nature of this person's inheritance may be somewhat unusual and its use or
                disposal will prove challenging.

**     The Affairs of the Ninth House:  Long Trips, Law,
         Education and  Spiritual and Philosophical Matters

..          The Ruler of the 9th House is Saturn

                 There is much travel in the life of this person.  As well, education is an unending,
                 life-long process.

            ... and the Ruler of the 9th is Peregrine

                 It will be impossible for this person to stick to one single field of interest
                during his entire life:  because of his  eclectic interests, he will have to invent
                an intellectual or philosophical field for himself. He will reject a black and white code of
                ethics, since he can appreciate the many shades of grey.  Absolute codes will be rejected in
                favour of situational ethics.

..          The Ruler of the 9th is in the 5th House

                 Travel will be enjoyable to this person.

..          The Diurnal Triplicity Ruler of the 9th is in Detriment or Fall

                 This person may come to detest travelling, since something always seems to
                go wrong.  He will either be hassled or  subjected to schedules which frequently are
                not followed.

            ... and the Diurnal Triplicity Ruler of the 9th is Peregrine

                 This person's stock-in-trade is wandering, which becomes a second nature to him.

..          The Nocturnal Triplicity Ruler of the 9th is in Detriment or Fall

                 This person is someone who goes from being a heretic to an apostate to an atheist.
                Because he refuses to take religion on blind faith, he will end his life in a religion
                different from that of his parents.

**     The Affairs of the Tenth House:  Career, Business, Honour,
         Status, Promotion and Mother

..          The South Node is in the 10th House

                 This person will suffer a loss of honour, reputation, credit and esteem, with
                a deprivation of position.  He will be thrown from the top of the heap to the bottom.
                He may have to leave town to escape his misery.  His mother's life is unhappy.

..          The Part of Fortune is in the 10th House

                 This person will achieve fame, riches, honour and promotions from eminent persons.
                This person will be fortunate and  happy in his chosen field.

..          The Ruler of the 10th House is Saturn

                 This person will receive honours by inheritance and possessions from older individuals.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 10th is Peregrine

                 This person's reputation ebbs and flows,without a direct relationship to the
                affairs of the moment.

**     The Affairs of the Eleventh House:  Friends, Hopes and

..          The Ruler of the 11th is in the 6th House

                 This person will not live a long life and will be impeded by many troubles.

            ... and the Ruler of the 11th is Dignified and not Combust

                 This person will be able to struggle through his misfortunes with ease and grace.
                He will ultimately be victorious over many of them.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 11th is in Detriment or Fall

                 This person will experience many fair weather friends.

            ... and the Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 11th is Peregrine

                 This person's truest friends are those who live at some distance from him.

..          The Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 11th is in Detriment or Fall

                 This person's friends are more frequently detrimental than helpful.

**     The Affairs of the Twelfth House:  Secret Enemies,
         Confinement and  Sorrow

..          The Ruler of the 12th is in the 4th House

                 There is strife with and between this person's parents and possibly older relations.
                A catastrophe may befall this person's home or land.

..          The Out-of-Sect Triplicity Ruler of the 12th is in Rulership, Exaltation or

                 This person will seldom be confined in an institution against his will.

..          The Participating Triplicity Ruler of the 12th is Peregrine

                 This person's enemies are too scattered to concentrate too strongly on him.
                Or else they find novel ways to attack.


**      The Sun

..          The Sun is in Leo

                 This person is capable of being highly honoured, and of gaining wealth and
                dignity.  This person is courageous, proud, sober, grave, generous, resolute,
                strong, valiant, crafty, cruel, discreet and fierce.  He  is affable enough,
                but not good at telling a white lie.  He is grave of manner, high-minded and honest.
                It is a matter of honour that he  keeps his promises.  As a bestial sign, he
                can be quite lascivious; this means that if angered he can be vicious or violent.

                 This person is a Fire Sign and is therefore both "hot" and "dry".
                The dry component means that he can see distinctions easily and that he
                is swayed more by intellectual argument than by passion.  The hot component
                means that he reacts to things quickly.  He expresses his anger strongly and
                immediately  and doesn't tend to harbour a grudge.  Others who are not hot
                in temperament willperceive him to be angry. Although he will be perceived to
                have high energy, he will be aware of a curious stillness amidst the seething activity.
                He may require more sleep than colder types.

                 This person is a Fixed Sign and thus is strong-willed and stubborn.  He will also hang
                on to people and things long after they have ceased being useful to him.  Being a
                four-footed sign, he will have a strong sex drive.  This also means that if angered he
                will become vicious or violent.

            ... and the Chart is located in the Northern Hemisphere

                 Leo is a sign of Summer, which is hot and dry.
               The combination with the Fire Element is doubly hot and dry.

**     The Moon

..          Mercury is more dignified than the Moon

                 This person operates more from reason than from emotions and desires.

..          The Moon is in Scorpio

                 This person can be very moody, malicious and foolish.  The foolishness can
                be cured by education.

**     Mercury

..          Mercury is in Leo

                 This person is hasty, proud and conceited, ambitious for honour, a boaster,
                and often subject to contention.

**     Venus

..          Venus is in Virgo

                 This person is a good orator, but somewhat unfortunate in most affairs.
                He is a discriminating, active person, of an aspiring nature, but one
                who rarely obtains his desires.

..          Venus is Peregrine

                 This person takes his pleasures from a wider range of things
                than the merely conventional.

**     Mars

..          Mars is in Leo

                 This person's passion over weighs his reason.  He is noble, generous and free-spirited.

**     Jupiter

..          Jupiter is in Libra

                 This person has a mild, winning disposition and delights in noble exercises and recreations.
                He is obliging to all, thereby gaining much honour and esteem.
                He has broad fore-teeth.

**     Saturn

..          Saturn is in Virgo

                 This person has a solid countenance, but is much inclined to melancholy.  He holds
                on to his anger for a long time.  He  is a projector of many curiosities, but to
                little purpose. He is studious, discriminating and reserved, but liable to be
                tempted by petty theft and indirect dealing.


The Alcocoden is a calculated planet, related to the Hyleg or Giver of Life. Called the Giver
of Years, the Alcocoden is the Almuten of the Hyleg.  The Alcocoden was traditionally used
to calculate the length of life.  It may also indicate proclivities for certain diseases.

..          The Alcocoden is the Moon

                 This person is subject to:  colic, stomach aches, edema rheumatism, glttony,
                eye rheums,  worms, rotten coughs, convulsions, epilepsy, scrofula [associated
                with moral corruption], abscesses, smallpox, measles, lethargy and excess phlegm.

            ... and the Moon is in Scorpio

                 This person is also subject to:  genital diseases, poison, heart afflictions and fainting.


..          Venus in Conjunct Mars
            ... and Mars is the Significator

                 This person has the love of women.  He retains the acquaintance of prostitutes and others
                outside the normal social hierarchy.  He is kind, gentle,courteous, sometimes hasty,
                of a good humour and disposition.  Often his kindness is his undoing.   He is a very
                hard worker who can sublimate his passions into work.

..          Mercury is Conjunct the Sun
            ... and the Sun is the Significator

                 This person is adorned with wit, ingenuity, learning, arts, sciences, policy,
                understanding of languages and the power of words.  Because Mercury
                delights to be under the Sun beams, not being there by hurt, as are the other Planets,
                this person will get an excellent education and prove a good rhetorician and logician.

..          Saturn is Sextile the Moon
            ... and the Moon is the Significator

                 This person is cold by nature and of ill complexion,  inclining to sordid and ill
                actions, and yet deliberate when doing ill, doing it with preconsideration.  This
                person is apt to invention, but very willful in all things,conceited of himself and
                thinking nothing well done if not done by himself.He is out of touch emotionally
                with others.

..          Jupiter is Sextile Mars
            ... and Jupiter is the Significator

                 This person is aware that actions have moral consequences. He is a stickler
                for doing the right thing no matter what the cost.  He has a free and noble
                disposition, bold, valiant and honourable, attempting and attaining brave and
                admirable exploits, generous to his friends, obliging to his enemies, yet desiring
                and endeavouring to be in charge, resolute and subtle.

..          Jupiter is Sextile Venus
            ... and Jupiter is the Significator

                 The two benifics together tend to produce courtesy and civility.  This person is of
                a pleasant, loving, courteous disposition, kind to women, of an exceeding good nature,
                and the patron of hospitality.  This is the Aspect of love, concord, agreement, good
                fortune and riches.  He is promoted and rises through the ranks because of women.

..          Saturn is Conjunct Jupiter
            ... and Jupiter is the Significator

                 The combination of Saturn and Jupiter means that the ability to achieve property
                [Saturn] is related to his religious state [Jupiter].  This means that in carrying out
                his work, this person will be dogged by religious and ethical concerns. He will
                experience unmitigated troubles and miseries.  He will be a continual loser.
                He has great crosses to bear, will meet with disgraces and contempt and will be in
                danger of ending up a beggar.  He is of a poor, low spirit, cross, peevish, lethargic, dull,
                miserable, and unfortunate in the world.

..          Jupiter is Conjunct Venus
            ... and Jupiter is the Significator

                 This person is ruled by fornication and lust.  He is given over to debauchery.

..          The Sun is Square the Moon
            ... and the Sun is the Significator

                 This person finds it difficult to be satisfied with any situation, always being enticed by
                something different possibly being better,  His fortune is mutable and unstable.
                He falls easily into contempt and reproach among the common people and will merit
                the hatred or displeasure of some eminent or politically connected person. He is a cheat,
                deceiver or impostor.  He is given to self-aggrandizement.

..          Mercury is Square the Moon
            ... and Mercury is the Significator

                 This person has an unusually strong talent for saying the inappropriate thing.
                When he argues with people, more often than not he infuriates them rather than
                 convincing them.  He is mutable, unstable in all his ways, foolish, arrogant, void of
                 reason and good manners, loquacious, and very much conceited.  This person will
                 encounter many troubles and oppositions, he will lose the favour of some eminent
                 woman and be reduced to an exceeding degree ofpoverty.


..          The Ascendant is in the 3rd Face of Taurus

                 This person has an image of misery, servitude, poverty, necessity and cruelty.

..          The Dispositor of the Ascendant is in the 1st Face of Virgo

                 This person has an image of farming and of gathering wealth and riches.

..          The Almuten of the Ascendant is in the 2nd Face of Scorpio

                 This person has an image of contentions, strife, seditions, theft, of sowing mischief
                and debate amongst men, and of deceit.


..          Venus is Peregrine

                 Social standing is a real problem for this person, who either tries very hard to fit
                in or flaunts being an outsider.  This person is absolutely unclear about what
                others like in him and about what he likes in himself and others.


..          Complexional Scores

                 Sign of Ascendant: Taurus = Cold and Dry
                Ruler of Ascendant:  Venus [Virgo] = Cold and Dry
                Aspect to the Ascendant:  Venus [Virgo] = Cold and Dry
                Aspect to the Ascendant:  Mars [Leo] = Hot and Dry
                Sign of Moon:  Scorpio = Cold and Wet
                Phase of Moon:  First Quarter = Hot and Dry
                Aspect to the Moon:  The Sun [Summer] = Hot and Dry
                Aspect to the Moon:  Mercury [Leo] = Hot and Dry
                Aspect to the Moon:  Saturn [Virgo] = Cold and Dry
                Season:  Summer = Hot and Dry
                Ruler of Geniture: Saturn [Virgo] = Cold and Dry
                Ruler of Geniturre:  Mars [Leo] = Hot and Dry
                Ruler of Geniture Mercury [Leo] = Hot and Dry
                Almuten of the Moon:  Mars [Leo] = Hot and Dry

..          Hot:   8
           Cold:  6
           Wet:   l
           Dry:   13

..          This person's complexional type is Dry.



Dr. Dobbs wishes to indicate his indebtedness to the Winstar Plus Astrology Software of Matrix Publishing for the natal wheel and to the Solar Writer Classical Report by J. Lee Lehmanas well as to J. Lee Lehman's  Classical Astrology for Modern Living: From Ptolemy to Psychology and Back Again, West Chester, PA.: 1996.  He refers all those interested in the techniques of classical astrology to this work which is available from for US$19.95 and which is the best introduction to the subject.


Principally consulted was:

     Abraham Ibn Ezra, Reshit Hokhmah, The Beginning of Wisdom. An Astrological
          Treatise Edited by Raphael Levy and Francisco Cantera and Translated by
          Raphael Levy from the Hebrew and Old French versions.  Baltimore:  The Johns
          Hopkins Press, 1939.

Also consulted were:

     Henry Coley, Clavis Astrologiae, or a Key to the Whole Art of Astrology. New Filed and
          Polished in Three Parts.  London:  Thomas Sawbridge, 1676.

    John Gadbury, Genethlialogia, or The Doctrine of Nativities Together with The Doctrine of
          Horarie Questions. London: William Larner, 1658.

     William Lilly, Christian Astrology.  [1647] London: Regulus, 1985, reprint.

     John Partridge, Mikropanastron, or an Astrological Vade Mecum. London: William Bromwich, 1679.

     William Ramsey, Astrologia Restaurata.  London:  Robert White, 1653.

The co-operation of the Pontifical Library of the University of St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto and of the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Room of the Robarts Library of the University of Toronto is gratefully acknowledged.


Dr Dobbs may be contacted at


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