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Rebbe Berechiah

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Very little is written about R. Berechiah. He was (1) the son of R.Jacob Querido, (2) Frank's teacher, and (3) the man probably most responsible for keeping Sabbatianism alive after AMIRAH's conversion to Islam and its catastrophic impact on the movement. Berechia raised Sabbatai's antinomianism to new hights in which, according to Scholem, "the secret annihilation of the Torah [was] its true fulfilment, [and] became the secret substitute." (Major Trends In Jewish Mysticism, 1961, pp. 315-320.) You can find the most complete discussion of his role in Sabbatianism in Scholem's The Messianic Idea In Judaism, under the name "Baruchya" of which Berechia is a variant spelling.

Yakov Leib HaKohain

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