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Gevurah or Din

Stern Judgement

       A. Partzufim

               1. Nachash ("Serpent of Eden")
               2. Sitra Achrah ("Other/Dark Side")
               3. Yetzer HaRah ("Evil Inclination")
               4. Zarim HaRah ("Seeds of Demonic Evil")

       B. Other Symbols and Images

               1. Left Arm (of Adam Kadmon)
               2. The Heavenly Court.
               3. North.
               4. Isaac.
               5. Great fire/consuming fire.
               6. The severe attribute of justice
               7. Gold.
               8. Bread, salt, wine, meat.
               9. Darkness, night, cloud, mist.
              10. The bronze altar.

Yakov Leib HaKohain [YaLHaK]

from a  post to the DONMEH mail list
Wednesday, 5 Dec 1998

Din - Justice - by Eliezer Segal.

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