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     A. Partzufim

           1. Arikh Anpin (The "Larger Face," "Long Suffering/Patient One")
           2. Attikah Kadisha (The "Ancient Holy One")

      B. Other Symbols and Images

           1. The hoary head (of Attikah Kadisha)
           2. The hairs of the beard (of Attikah Kadisha)
           3. The point at the tip of the letter "yod" in the Tetragrammaton, YHVH
           4. Ehveh (a form of "I shall be")
           5. Primordial Ether
           6. "Nothingness," the negation of all thought
           7. "He"
           8. Before
           9. Supernal East
          10. The origin of Will
          11. The dew of Hermon

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