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The offspring of Hokmah/Father and Binah/Mother.  Often symbolized as a bridegroom or prince who strives to be united with the Fallen Shekhinah, the 10th Sefirah, Malkhut/Kingdom.

       A. Partzufim

              1. Ze'ir Anpin ("The Smaller Face/Imaptient One")
              2. Malkah Kadisha "Holy King Messiah")
              3. Chasan ("Bridegroom")
              3. Yahweh (The Tetragrammaton, YHVH)
              4. HaShemesh (The Sun)
              5. HaShamaim (Heaven)

       B. Other Symbols and Images

                1. The heart (of Adam Kadmon)
                2. Truth
                3. Humility
                4. Harmony

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