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The Mystery of Ze'er Anpin

Of particular interest to our studies of Sabbatian Kabbalah -- and Professors Tortchinov's and Eqayam's discussion of Nathan Gazati's "A Treatise on Dragons" -- is the profound relationship between Arikh Anpin ("The Larger Face/Ancient of Days") and Ze'ir Anpin ("The Smaller Face/Holy King Messiah").

Bearing in mind that these Partzufim and their relationships are from Jewish/Lurianic, rather than Christian/Hermetic Kabbalah it is significant that they portray the Messiah as the "son" or "offspring" of God (i.e., "Ancient Holy One") and the "bridegroom" who must "marry" the Fallen Shekinah ("bride"), often called Klal Yisroael, or "Community of Israel."

In other words, the Feminine and Masculine aspects of God -- the Holy Sparks and their Origin -- having fallen into disunity must be reunited through the mediation of the "Priest" (i.e., mankind) who unites the "bridegoom/messiah" and "bride/world." I should also note that this unification, or "Tikkun," is to be enacted both externally and internally, in the arenas of both external human history and the interior human Psyche.

Yakov Leib HaKohain [YaLHaK]

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Wednesday, 16 Dec 1998
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