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Tikkunim for the Twenty-First Century

In a post in the Donmeh newsgroup, Yakov Leib HaKohain asked the very pertinant question

How can the donmeh-l use the Internet to effect the tikkun olham in Cyberspace?

The Internet, I submit, provides the most powerful tool ever created for literally working Kabbalah, somehow, to raise up the Holy Sparks. I submit that the goal of achieving this electronic Tikkun is worth considering.

Well, I thought about this for a  while and came back with the following musings and meduitations, which I thought I might as well put up on my web site as well.  So here it is, (slightly edited).
Here are three points of approach:

(a) the Net serves as a global college or meeting place, where people from all over the worrld can come together to discuss things.  This is not tikkun as such, but it is a meeting of minds, and hence of changing of the participants' consciousness thru learning and discussion.

(b) but still one can perform a literal electronic tikkun that involves the "raising up of the sparks" within the computer chips themselves.  The Baal Shem Tov has already provided some tikkun meditations

Take the one "Tikkunim For Your Tools".  One can begin with one's own computer (which tool).  But one can also go beyond that to a global level - a raising up of the hardware of the Net, the computers, motherboards, cpus, disk drives, modems, phone lines, Internet Servers (ISPs), fibre-optic cables....  One can also project good thoughts to all those who by their efforts help to maintain this extraordinary system, those who write the computer programs, work on the hardware, etc etc etc. (I suppose this would be more "Tikkunim For Your Workers").

(c) even more dramatic, in addition to the hardware perhaps one could also perform a meditation for the elctronic (virtual) realm of cyberspace as well, and all it's entities both virtual (computer programs, software agents), and real (the consciousness of the millions of people participating and on-line at any one time).

Note that it is not necessary to literally follow the technique of speaking to one's tools etc (although one can - it has been shown that by talking to plants they grow better!).  One can just sit down and meditate quietly, concentrate on the Love in one's heart centre or wherever, and project "good vibes" or positive thoughtforms through creative visualisation.

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