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Iamblichus' Successors

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Iamblichus' many followers, such as Aedesius, Chrysanthius, Eusebius, Maximus, Priscus, Sopater, Sallust, and Themistius, they were not so much original thinkers as commentators on earlier philosophers, or missionaries of mysticism.  It is possible (although experts are disagreed on this matter) that On the Egyptian Mysteries is their work rather than that of the master.  These Syrian Neoplatonists hoped for a spiritual revival when the non-Christian emperor and reformer Julian ascended to the throne (361-363).  But Julian lived long enough to realise that his policy of restoration would not  succeed, and his early death meant the end of any hope of overturning Christianity [16]





Later  influences


[16] Adolph Harnack and John Malcolm Mitchell, "Neoplatonism", p.376

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