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Neoplatonism was the last of the great schools of Classical pagan philosophy.  A synthesis of Platonism, Aristotlism, Stoicism, and Pythagoreanism, which provided an esoteric interpretation of classical Greek Paganism, it incorporated philosophy, mysticism, theosophy, and theurgy (higher occultism).  For three centuries it served as a last bastion of Pagan wisdom and Esoteric philosophy in an increasingly hostile Christian dominated empire.   Even after the light of Classical Learning was extinguished, the Neoplatonic current remained, undergoing new metamorphoses, in Christian Mysticism, Islamic Philosophy, Ishraqi and Sufi Esotericism, and Judaic Kabbalah.  Now with the decline of materialistic scepticism and religious intolerance, and the rise of diversity and multiplicity in the new information-rich society, may the light of Neoplatonism shine once more!


The History of Neoplatonism
Later influences

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