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See also external link Editions and translations of Proclus' works (lists all editions and translations of Proclus' works published after 1900)

Dodds, E.R. (ed. / transl.), The Elements of Theology, 2nd ed., Oxford: Clarendon, 1963 . 398 pages
The Greek text, based on a personal examination of some 40 manuscripts, together with an English translation, introduction, and a comprehensive philosophical and linguistic commentary. First published in 1933, this remains a classic edition. An exposition of Neoplatonic metaphysics in 211 propositions, this is one of Proclus' most important works. Not a beginner's text by any means.
Also see external link Proclus Diadochus - Elements of Theology - short note on the history and translation of this important text
More editions listed here

David R. Fideler (transl) web page The Life of Proclus or Concerning Happiness, by Marinus of Samaria Phanes Pr; 1986; 95 pages
- very short summary - giving useful biographical details.  This book provides a very good introduction to Proclus; unfortunately it is out of print

Proclus: On the Eternity of the world Lang, H.S. / Macro, A.D. / McGinnis, J., Proclus: On the Eternity of the world (de Aeternitate mundi), Greek text with introduction, translation and commententary by H.S. Lang and A.D. Macro, argument I translated from the Arabic by J. McGinnis, Berkeley / Los Angeles / London : University of California Press, 2001. 216 pp.,
This is a fragment; the complete work is unfortunately lost. Yet this treatise "formed the basis for virtually all later arguments for the eternity of the world and for the existence of God; consequently, it lies at the heart of Neoplatonic philosophy and the controversy between pagans and Christians at the end of antiquity."

A commentary on the 1st book of Euclid's elements Morrow, G.R. (transl.), A commentary on the 1st book of Euclid's elements, Princeton (N.J.): Princeton University Press, 1970 [Reprinted 1992, with a new foreword by Ian Mueller]. 406 pp
useful for those interested in the history of mathematics

Proclus' commentary on Plato's ParmenidesMorrow, G.R. / Dillon, J.M. (transl.), Proclus' commentary on Plato's Parmenides, with introduction and notes by J.M. Dillon, Princeton (New Jersey): Princeton Universty Press, 1987. 406 pages
(English Translation, introduction and summaries of the contents) One of Proclus' more important works More editions listed here

O'Neill, W. (transl.), Proclus: Alcibiades I, 2nd ed., The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1971 [First edition 1964]. (English translation)
Proclus' complete commentary on Plato's dialogues, which introduce his philosophical exegesis. Currently out of print. More editions listed here

Rosan, Laurence J., The Philosophy of Proclus. The Final Phase of Ancient Thought, New York: Cosmos, 1949. - gives a good non-technical introduction to Proclus' metaphysics. As a bonus it includes the complete "Life of Proclus" by Marinus. Unfortunately this useful book is, like much of Proclus' work, currently out of print

Siorvanes, L., Proclus: Neoplatonic philosophy and science, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1997. 336 pages - a good coverage of some of the nore technical aspects of Proclus' teachings

Taylor, T. (transl.), Proclus: Platonic Theology (Great works of philosophy series), Kew Gardens (N.Y.): Selene Books, 1995 [Reprint of the first edition 1816].
This is one of Proclus' most important works, representing a later phase than the Elements of Theology. Here Proclus develops his theology on the basis of Plato's metaphysics. Unfortunately this English translation, with Taylor's attempt to reconstruct the lost 7th book, is out of print. More editions listed here

Taylor, T. (transl.), Proclus: Proclus' Commentary on the Timaeus of Plato (The Thomas Taylor series 15-16), Frome: Prometheus trust, 1998; Kessinger Publishing; 1997 [First edition 1816] 968 pages
One of Proclus' most important works, the complete commentary on Plato's classic Timaeus. Unfortunately this edition is an old translation and from the reviews does not seem to be of very good quality. More editions listed here

Encyclopædia Britannica, 1994-1998 - "Proclus"

the following on-line texts are available:

on-line essay Proclus Diadochus On the Sacred Art. with commentary by Stephen Ronan.   A beautiful piece which explains the theurgic understanding of the "spiritual mechanics" behind religious ritual.

on-line essay Proclus Diadochus On the Signs of Divine Possession.  with commentary by Stephen Ronan  A brief but essential extract from Proclus which illuminates how the ancients understood the phenomena of trance and possession.

web page Quotations by Proclus on geometry and mathematics

Leo Baeck, Sefer Yetzirah [Translated from: Aus Drei Jahrtausenden, Tübingen, J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1958, pp. 256-271; originally appeared in Monatsschrift für die Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums (MGWJ) (Part One 1926; Part Two 1934), Translated by Scott J. Thompson - argues that the Sefer Yetzirah is derived from the Elements of Theology

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