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Chakra Rotation And Layers

In addition to the chakras themselves, there is the subtle body that the chakra is attuned to, and the direction of rotation of the chakras

 "All upper chakras...move naturally in clockwise manner.  Until reversed by pure will, pure desire, and devotion, all chakras below the heart move counterclockwise through the force of gravity."
Amazon com Kundalini West, p.56

Spiritual purification disconnects the chakras from "the downward gravity-pull of earth struggle." [p.56]

In describing the actual dynamics of the chakras, subtle bodies, and states of consciousness, Ms Colton is at her best:

"The chakras are energised, whirling vortexes of consciousness; their momentums are regulated by samskara compulsions and instincts as recorded in...previous physical-body experience.  The nadis, or astral tubes and etheric canals, are pathways connecting the chakras; these...must be kept open and free...

Each chakra has a correlating astral layer, an etheric layer, and a mental layer.  These...layers are inter-connected rotational discs...

When the lower active...through the upward turn of Kundalini fire, one...experiences astral flight where he will be involved in the research of his instinctual, physical, and emotional-life karmas.

If the etheric portion...has been purified and is turning clockwise with the spiralling upward thrust of Kundalini, the astral...and the etheric disc-layer of the chakra come into balance.  This results in a healthy...emotional body, accompanied by the desire for purity in all physical actions.  Healing power and graciousness are expressed....This is done when the ascending lifted to...the heart.

When the Kundalini fire is balanced in the mental disc-portion of the heart chakra, the mind becomes organised and steady....The astral, etheric, and mental atom-points of the heart chakra open as the petals of a flower...

In the contraclockwise action of a chakra - if the etheric, the astral and the mental discs are working as one - one can be successful in some form of concentrated physical [material] activity.  However, one is separated from the spiritual aspect of the clockwise disc movements...

  If the etheric, astral and mental discs are whirling at different rates, and the chakra action is contraclockwise, one is scattered in his energies, in his emotions, in his mind...

When the seven initiatory chakras are synchronised and move in clockwise is successful spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically...

Amazon com Kundalini West, pp.69-70

The equation clockwise = good; counterclockwise = bad (or unspiritual) is certainly simplistic, and indicates a dualistic moralising way of thinking.  Later in this chapter we will present a more balanced understanding on this point.  For the rest though we see here a fascinating description of the relationship between chakra layer activity and states of consciousness, although still presented in an intuitive and undeveloped way.  Insightful clairvoyants like Steiner and Colton certainly pave the way for a complete and systematic occult science, but for all their tremendous contribution they have not yet themselves actually formulated such a science.  Their teachings are either too unstructured, or, in the case of Steiner, too rigid and structured.  It is the intention of the present writer to lay the foundations of such a science through bringing together various occult teachings and drawing out common themes.

Yet the amount of material to be considered is immense.  The above sections of chakras represents only a small selection of the dense material Ann Ree Colton has written on this subject.

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