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Relative to Blavatsky, Steiner, and Qabalah, and even to her own detailed psychology and chakrology, Ann Ree Colton's cosmology - her description of the various planes of consciousness - is not very complete, although i would think this was because she didn't write down everything she saw, and not through deificency of clairvoyance.  In at least one early book, Amazon com The Human Spirit, she presents a cosmogony and saga of human evolution and the Solar System somewhat reminiscent of Steiner's Cosmic Memory. But in her later and more visionary works, like The Third Music, Kundalini West, and Galaxy Gate Amazon com I and II (the latter two co-written (in the form of alternating chapters) by Jonathan Murro, although in my opinion he doesnt add anything of visionary value), she sets forward a visionary cosmology that is closer to the Theonian, Radhasoamian, and higher Spiritualist universes than the Theosophical-Anthroposophical view.

  K         Archetypal Kingdom
  I                                  THIRD HEAVEN
  G         Realm of Light
  D        :::::::::::vibrancy barrier:::::::::::::
  M         Spheres of Light          SECOND HEAVEN
  o        ..............................................
  f         Higher Astral World       FIRST HEAVEN

  G        ..............................................
  O         Islands of Light
  A         Lower Astral World
  Y        ..............................................
  A         Physical World
from Galaxy Gate II, p.91

In this diagram there is agreement with the general occult-cosmological understanding; the distinction between the physical and associated lower psychic reality, referred to variously as "maya" (in the sense of "illusion"), "hades", and so on; and the higher or spiritual regions above.

In this particular instance though, the original inspiration seems to derive from Radha Soami; "Maya" being the sphere of Pinda, the body, and the six lower chakras, and the "Kingdom of God" being similar to the six "heavenly regions" with their particular spiritual melodies (nada).

Although elements of this cosmology are referred to several times in her writings, the whole thing is never described in any detail or completeness; at least not in the books that I've seen (maybe it is in other books, or in the correspondence teachings). Nevertheless, this is clearly a visionary cosmology, with interesting parallels to the successive "States" in the Theons' "Classification of the Material World". Both mention an "abyss" that separates the lower ("physical" or "maya") from the higher spiritual regions, both refer to a succession of higher heavenly regions (as does Sant Mat), and so on.

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