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The "Niscience" school of Ann Ree Colton

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Niscience is a school of Christian esotericism (or esoteric Christianity) established by Ann Ree Colton, and based on her teachings. The Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience, in California, was established in 1953 by Ann Ree Colton and her husband Jonathan Murro, is a non-profit religious and educational foundation dedicateed to preserving spreading the teachings. Ann Ree Colton's combination of Christian and Theoosphical-Occult concepts stands in the tradition of Leadbeater, Steiner, and Alice Bailey, but in this case is far more explicately Christian, with the spiritual hierarchies as auxillery to Jesus Christ.

Compared to organisations and traditions like Theosophy, Anthroposophy, the Arcane School (Alice Bailey), and Hermetic Kabbalah, their influence is very small. Nevertheless some of the books include a lot good esiteric material, albiet presented in a religious Christian context external link From their website:

"Niscience, which means knowing, is an archetypal system of spiritual instruction received by Ann Ree Colton for students of the Higher Life. The Niscience instruction is available through the Niscience external link Home Study service in monthly White Paper lessons...

...Niscience is an initiatory school, as well as a deeply spiritual system of study, worship, creativity, research, healing, and teaching based on the teachings of Jesus, the Bible, and other sacred scriptures of the East and the West.

Niscience blends religion, philosophy, science, and the creative arts - thereby furthering man's creation through his innate love, reverence, and devotion to God.

Niscience adheres to the basic root and principles supporting all pure teachings founded upon truth, and it also presents many new facets of truth. The principle supporting the Niscience Ministry is the Ethic of Jesus. It is the conviction of all Niscience members that men in the present time and in all times must look to the one Perfect Being who lived in this earth as the perfect example and way of life....

The Niscience life is an affirmative life producing peace, based upon pure conscience; joy, based upon the love of life; satisfaction, based upon living and selfless works...."
2005 Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience Inc

My personal interests are much less in the Christianity side and much more in occult studies and esoteric metaphysics of Niscience, esoteric psychology, cosmology, and so on, especially as they relate to other esoteric systems of thought, and contribute to an overall "integral metaphysics". Hence my pages are liable to be very biased towards my own interests, and less representative of the religious aspect of Niscience indicated in the above quotation. Unfortunately there is very little information on Niscience on the web, apart from the very cursory external link home page, and, editorial and readers' reviews of Ms Colton's books.

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