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The 5 Naams in Sant-Mat ('Science of Spirituality')

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The Cosmos of the present 5th Stock Race, like everything else is generally manifested 5-fold (e.g. 5 Elements)- to become fully 7-fold at the end of the 7th Stock Race in the 7th Manvantar of the 7th Kalpa. Likewise, the 5 Planes or the Steps in the Cosmic Ladder to Divinity in Sant-Mat are also 5 in number.

'Naam' or Name is 'what manifests' (as against Anami- 'what does not manifest'). '5 Shabdas' are the Sounds pertaining to these 5 Planes (which are then repeated holographically in their reflected form in all the sub-planes of the Creation). Each of these Planes also has a specific brightness of Light, whose intensity increases upwards.

'Naam' indicates essentially the Name of the Ruler of each of the 5 Planes of manifestation and in this verbalizable form, the 5 Naams are used for Sumiran or Zikr- constant remembrance of God with the 'tongue of thought', constituting the first stage of 'Surat-Shabd Yoga'. However, there are further 3 Names and Shabdas even beyond these that pertain to the unmanifest and cannot be humanly described.

However, esoterically, 'Naam' or 'Word' stands for the Creative Power of the Cosmos in the form of the (inner) 'Light' and 'Sound', which can be experienced as such within the Human Body-Temple by the grace of a Sant- perfect Master or perfect Christ. It is through contact with Naam during Spiritual Initiation provided by such a Divine One that alone makes perfect liberation possible.

It is interesting to note that the very 1st Name or Step in Sant-Mat is where most of the 'Institutionalized Religions' end- at Sahasraar or Sahans-dal-kanwal- all these being essentially based on the 4 'Vedas' revealed at the {4} petalled chakras in the Astral (Antah-karan) and Causal (Trikuti) in their subtle and gross forms. In fact, a correspondence of the Prophetic Religions of the West can be seen with the Vedas, thus:

These are all religions propagated by Brahm and Kaal Niranjan- Negative Power and concern merely with Brahmand- Triple Worlded jailhouse where souls are held in captivity under the 'Law of Karma' and kept rolling in a 'Cycle of 8.4 mill. life-forms' divided into 4 Khanis- classifications [represented allegorically by the games of 4 squares such as Baseball and 'Chaupad' in India].

The true liberating 'Christ' faiths go beyond Brahmand, to the '4th region' i.e. Paar-Brahm and Sach Khand-Anami. A 'Sant' is a perfect Master, 'Word-made-flesh', Divine Son of the Supreme Lord in human form who has come to liberate us with the power of the 'Word' and 'Sant-Mat' is the Universal faith encompassing all religions and faiths into its fold. It holds the promise to return the truant, prodigal soul back into the lap of its Divine Father. Interestingly, such a perfect Being is omnipresent on earth.

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