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The Cosmos as a 'Copy Of Copies' revealing the true nature of Divinity

Sets Chakra Petals/ Element Nos. Entities in the 4-fold 'Tetraktys' Constitution Method of Procreation* Divine Adam (Anami-Sach Khand) [0] SupraCausal-Causal Adam (Brahmand) [1] Astral Adam (Pind) [2] Physical Adam (Pind) [3]
Upper (U):

{2} 1 Spirit Method-4 Anami: God Unmanifest Bhanwar-gupha Gagan Ajna: bet. & behind Eyebrows
{CC} Crooked Cataract 1-Element or 1-Mind - - Upper Equator Method-0 Agam-Purush Maha Sunna Bunk Naal Bindu-Visarga or Lalana (Taalu- Palate) 1-Element or 1-Mind
Above {16} 2 Upper (Pure) Mind Method-1 - - - - - - - -
{16} Ether (Male Mind) Method-2 Alakh-Purush Akshar-Purush: Sunn Shiva: Shwet Sunna Throat (Kanth): Ether
{12} Air (Female Mind) Method-3 Sat-Purush-Sat-Naam (God, Creator manifest}: Sat-Lok Maan-sarovar Shakti: Sahasraar Heart (Hriday): Air
Lower (L):

* Upper & Lower Sets are divided by the Diaphragm
{10} Fire 3 Lower (Impure) Mind Method-4 - - Mahat Vishnu, Brahma & Mahesh: Jhanjhri Dweep Navel (Nabhi): Fire
{8} - - Lower Equator Method-0 - - Daswan Dwar- 10th Door of Macrocosm Daswan Dwar- 10th Door of Microcosm (Single Eye) Spleen (Hrit): River Styx/Lethe or Vaitarni
Above {6} 4 Matter Method-1 - - - - Swah - -
{6} Water Method-2 Guru-Pad Bhuvah Generative (Indri): Water
{4} Earth Method-3 Brahm or Aum: Trikuti Antah-karan Excretory (Guda): Earth


U (0,1,2,3) & L (1,2,3) constitute the 7 Continents of the Cosmos during the present 4th Kalpa (out of total 7 Kalpas).
U (0) is Pure Spiritual Region (Anami-Sach Khand: Akaal- Timeless; Sant)
U (1) is Supra-Causal Region (Paar-Brahm: Maha-Kaal- Great Time; Sadhu)
Both these constitute the Positive Power (Dayal- Merciful)
L (1) is Causal Region (Brahmand; Yogeshwar)
U (2) & L (2) are Astral Region (Anda; Yogi)
U (3) & L (3) are Physical Region (Pinda; Saadhak)
These 3 constitute the Negative Power (Kaal- Time)
Note: 1. The Creation below the Equator in a set is an obverse reflection of that above it.
2. L (3) is (Cosmic) Annamayi Kosha- the Sthula- 'Solid' looking body we can see, while U (3) is Pranamayi Kosha- the Linga- 'non-Solid' body or 'Chitta'.
L (2) is Manomayi Kosha or 'Manas', U (2) the Vigyanamayi Kosha or 'Buddhi', while L (1) is Ananadamayi Kosha or 'Ahankara'.
* Method-0: Chhaya- 'Vapour' born by Cloning; 1: Udbhijja- 'Lotus' or 'Mud' born by Budding; 2: Swedaja- 'Sweat' born by Exudation; 3: Andaja- 'Egg' born & 4: Jarayuja- 'Womb' or sexually born.

Creation Architecture
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God Adam and Present Adam
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Creation Architecture
God Adam and Present Adam
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