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The Centauric Self / Realm

  • cognative style: Trans-verbal vision-image, high- phantasy, synthesis of primary and secondary processes; trans-consensual
  • affective elements - Prehension, spontaneity, impulse expression, supersensory, heartfelt
  • conative or motovational factors Intentionality, creative wish, meaning, spontaneous will, self-actualization, autonomy
  • temporal mode - Grounded in the present moment, aware of linear time as exfoliating from the present
  • mode of self - Integrated, autonomous, trans-biosocial, total body-mind being

Wilber IV - Developmental Levels

The following is from a research notes page by external link Allan Combs which is no longer on line (original url ). I have kept the quotations, which are interesting, but left out the correspondences Of Wilber's Centauric Realm with other systems, as I feel these are - like the tables in the back of Wilber's Integral Psychology - rather forced. - MAK

F-6 Centaur (Vision Logic)

An informal Phenomenological narrative:
"All things are related to all things. When I first had that realization, perhaps when I was a young girl, maybe fourteen or so, it completely changed my life! I would later learn names for this—holism and so on— but at the time, all I knew was that all things were related to, connected to, all things. Twenty years, two husbands, no kids, three jobs, and one National Book Award later, I still believe this firmly!
    My book, To Re-weave the Web, is a detailed account of this holistic view, based not only on all the late-breaking scientific discoveries—and oh there are so many! from chaos theory to quantum physics to com­plexity theories and systems theory, my head just spins, it's so excit­ing!—~but also we have the holism of the indigenous peoples the world over, who knew all this stuff way before modern science stumbled onto it. The Great Goddess returns! Gaia is alive! All things are related to all things.
    This is wondrous, isn't it? Now that science is catching up with this holistic interwoven view—why, I was writing about this years ago!—I am looked upon as something of a forerunner. So I have become a hero­ine, imagine that! I've been asked to be on this board and that, serve on this journal and that, go to this conference and that. Me! Imagine that!
    Oh, I forgot. Not just the indigenous beliefs, but Eastern mysticism, too. All saying the same thing, about the web of life, all things and all things and all of that and so on.  So I don't see why those Zen people keep annoying me and asking if I meditate. What difference does it make?, I keep asking them. If you believe that everything is connected to everything, what else is there? You do it your way, which is medita­tion, and I do it my way, which is called holistic thinking. They said, that was just an idea and could I show them this oneness right now? And that made no sense to me at all. They're just being obnoxious, I think, like they know it all. Imagine that!"

Amazon com One Taste; pp.146-146.

As consciousness begins to transcend the verbal ego-mind it can… integrate the ego mind with all the lower levels. That is, because consciousness is no longer identified with any of these elements to the exclusion of any others, all of them can be integrated: the body, the persona, the shadow, the ego- all can be brought into a higher- order integration."
Amazon com Atman Project pg. 53

"One contacts and stabilizes on the centaur level, the elements of the gross personality- the body, the ego, the persona, the shadow, the lower chakras- tend to fall into harmony of themselves. For the individual is beginning to transcend them, and thus he ceases to compulsively manipulate and exploit them….This is the stage describes as one of autonomy, of integration, of authenticity, or of self-actualization…."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.54

"The centaur, the integrated and total self, above and prior to body, mind persona and shadow, but embracing as it were all of them as experiences."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.54

"The implication is that one's full potential springs from what Rogers calls the "total, ongoing psychophysiological flow" or "total organismic experiencing," and not from any aspect or fragment of that flow- ego, body, superego, self-concept, and so on. In our terms self-actualization is intimately related to the centaur level, and is not directly available to the ego or persona levels."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.55

"Actual autonomy (and self-actualization) would result, and could only result by definition, with the conscious emergence of this totality- a type of shift of identity from any of the fragments (ego, persona, body) to their prior and higher integration. According to existential thought, when an individual's self is felt or prehended as the prior, total being, he assumes-can assume- responsibility for his entire-being-in-the world….The individual starts to move on the whole, as a whole- and that is what Leslie Faber has called the "spontaneous will."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.56

"May equates in general terms the spontaneous will of the total self with what is called intentionality by the existentialists, which is why he says that intentionality "is the missing link between mind and body…the body tends to be "involuntary" or "spontaneous"…The ego,, on the other hand , we generally assume to be the home of many voluntary, controlled and purposive activities. The total self, then, as the higher ego-and body union, is a type of conjunction of both theses experiential realms- the voluntary and the involuntary."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.56

"I call the cognitive aspect of intentionality the vision-image or higher phantasy process. " Imagination," says May," is the home of intentionality." Or better: "Intentionality is an imaginative attention which underlies our intentions and informs our actions. We might say that the cognitive aspect of intentionality is vision-image, and the conative aspect is intentionality, both, I believe springing from the higher-order unity of mind and body called centaur."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.57

"Intentionality is the spontaneous will of the bodymind centaur, and vision-image or high-phantasy is its language."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.57

"In Jung's own words, " the image is equally an expression of the unconscious as of the conscious situation of the moment. The interpretation of its meaning, therefore, can proceed exclusively neither from the unconscious not from the conscious, but only from their reciprocal relation."

Amazon com Atman Project pg.58

"For the mature phantasy of the centaur is definitely prior to language, but it is not preverbal. It is transverbal."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.59

"As Robert Masters puts it:  The distinction between noetic imagination (vision-image) and fantasy (primary process) has been stated in various ways by philosophers and mystics through the ages. Paracelsus doubtless meant the same thing when he cautioned against confusing the imagination vera of the alchemists with fantasy. " that cornerstone of fools." The imaginal world is the visionary-world, the world of theophanic as of other visions, and it becomes perceptible to us only through a special cognitive imagination."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.63

"The phantasy process is not now a way to regress to preverbal phantasies, but a way to contact transverbal realities. It serves as a transition ( and a symbol of transformation) from the existential realm into the transpersonal. It is an extremely important cognitive mode, not just for the centaur levels but for the higher levels as well, which is why deep imagery and visualization, but never abstract conceptualization, are used I many forms of transpersonal meditation."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.63

" There is preverbal (primary process), and there is verbal (secondary process)- and above and beyond both, as a magic synthesis, there is transverbal: intentionality, high-phantasy, and the vision-image."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.65

"The infantile bodyego is preconsensus, premembership, presocial, preadjustment. The mature bodymind or centaur begins to go transconsensus, transmembership, transsocial, transadjustment…..the dividing line is membership cognition."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.65

"(Biosocial Band) ….Bio-" denotes "body" (typhon) and "social" denotes "membership" and "membership concepts"-thus the biosocial band represents the upper limit of membership cognition and gross bodily orientation, beyond which lie those realms of being which transcend conventional, egoic, institutional and social forms."
Amazon com Atman Project pg. 66

"At the mature centaur level, the immediate and vivid present is indeed the dominant mode of time, but the individual now has complete access to the entire conventional world of extended temporal realities as well. He is not confined to the present (like the child bodyego), he is simply grounded in it; and he is not  ignorant of historical time, he is just no longer bound to it (like the ego). The typhon is presequential time, the centaur is transsequential time."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.68

"Since the mode of time of the existential level is the immediate, vivid and living present, many centaur therapists use this as one of the new translations given to the client. That is ( in addition to some of the other centaur translations we have discussed, such as vision-image and intentionality), the translation of " seeing all reality as present" is commonly used (as in Gestalt Therapy- "only the now is real".) The individual learns to see thoughts of yesterday as  present occurrences, and anticipations of tomorrow as present activities…. He then transforms to existential time; the whole abstract and ghostly world of linear time- now that it has served its purpose- collapses into the intensity of the present. The individual simply continues this translation (the "working through") until the transformation is more or less complete and he is generally grounded in, but not confined to, the living present."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.68

"The infantile bodyego can see only the present; the centaur can see all time from the present."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.69

"In the mature centaur, "this immediate discharge" appears as spontaneity and impulse expression…And again, studies of impulse expression and spontaneity show that the child and the most developed adults share these traits, whereas the individuals in the intermediate stages ( the average ego/persona realms) do not…. The infant bodymind has a preverbal, preinhibition spontaneity, whereas the mature centaur evidences a transverbal, transcontrol, transinhibition freedom. But let us finish this discussion by noting, with Loevinger, that this fact " does not justify the conclusion that intermediate stages of (membership and egoic) rigid controls can be bypassed."

Amazon com Atman Project pg.69

"While this level is trans-verbal, it is trans-personal. That is, while it transcends language, gross concepts , and the gross ego, it does not transcend existence, personal orientation, or waking psychophysiological awareness. It is the last stage dominated by normal forms of space and time- but those forms are still there."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.70

"This whole level- which is a disidentification with the ego and a higher-order identification with the total bodymind- marks the highest potential that can be reached in the existential or gross realm. It is very much what John Lilly (following Gurdjieff) called "state +12", which is "blissful state; cosmic love, reception of grace (higher energies), heightened bodily awareness (supersensory); highest function of bodily consciousness."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.71

"This state is also similar to the initial stages of the path of Da Free John, where, relaxing thought and desire through attentive inquiry, one intuits an "unqualified sense of relationship". This unqualified sense of relationship, enjoyed while, paradoxically, still aware of the perception of the world and one's bodily presence within it, is intuition of the all-pervading Divine Presence."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.71

"The existential centaur, then, is not only the higher-order integration of ego, body, persona, and shadow, it is also the major transition towards the higher subtle and transpersonal realms of being. ( Notice that Stan Grof's research seems to support this thesis very strongly) This is so in both the centaurs "supersensory" modality, and in its cognitive process of intuition, intentionality, and vision-image. They are all intimations of the higher realms of transcendence and integration."
Amazon com Atman Project pg.72

The Centauric Self

cognitive style- transverbal vision-image, high-phantasy, synthesis of primary and secondary processes; transconsensual affective elements- prehension, spontaneity, impulse expression, supersensory, heartfelt conative/motivational factors- intentionality, creative wish, meaning, spontaneous will, self-actualization, autonomy temporal mode- grounded in the present moment, aware of linear time as exfoliating from the present mode of self- integrated, autonomous, transbiosocial, total bodymind being"
Amazon com Atman Project pg.71

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