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Essay removed

I wrote the essay "The decline and fall of Ken Wilber" whan I was very angry at Wilber's behaviour and betrayal of his friend and collegue Frank Visser. It conatined certain opinions that may still be correct, but I really don't feel inspired to keep them on my website. The main reason being that I'm no longer angry at Wilber (and haven't been for a while!). I did however retain the links (below). The essay was also used as an opinion piece in one of Michel Bauwen's newsletters (I don't recall which one).

Web links Links - Ken Wilber Web links

blog What We Are, That We See: Response to Some Recent Criticism in a Wild West Fashion - the post that started it all. You'll never be able to look at another Ken Wilber book in quite the same way ever again!

blog What We Are, That We See. Part II: What Is the Real Meaning of This? - are you sufficiently mindless and obedient to qualify for the Wilber cult? Uncle Ken needs you!

Games pandits play: reply to Ken Wilber's raging rant - Frank Visser's reply.

blog Geoffrey Falk June 2006 - Geoff Falk is witty as always. Ken Wilber may fancy himself as Wyatt Earp, gunslinger/sheriff, out to save the Wild West from those dastardly green-hatted bad guys, but as Geoff shows he's better described as "the Foghorn Leghorn of consciousness research." See also external link Bald Narcissism: the dis-integration of Ken Wilber for a more indepth update.

Further relevant Links

blog Elliot Benjamin on Ken and I-I - Open Integral Blog archive - a pre-"Earpy" essay that argues that Wilber's organisation is not a cult. It would be interesting to hear what the author thinks in the light of Wilber's more recent activity.

blog Disingenious Duplicity - a very intriguing blog post by Colmar3000, an ex-devotee (now critic) of Wilber; argues that in his blog posts and elsewhere Wilber is using hypnotic language to induce trance in susceptible people, especially those who are already predisposed to view him as a spiritual adept or teacher. Also points out in passing the connection between Wilber and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Tony Robbins, who teaches these same techniques.

blog My experience with Ken and I-I - Open Integral Blog archive - first hand observations, compare this very interesting post with comments by Michel Bauwens and Matthew Dallman

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