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Breatharianism, 'The Process' which I used.

An interview with Robin Adams.

Steven Guth


This is where the interview took place.
Two friends at Glastonbell - in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia - Marrabel and Betty.
There is no photo of Robin. She occasionally visits Glastonbell and sits at the fire and talks to people about her life with its rich experiences.
Glastonbell is a special place where the life is not like in New York, Melbourne, Moscow or Singapore. But people still cook and eat.


Preface and Background
On breatharianism in general (links)
The Interview

Preface and Background

Breatharians are news on the web. Skeptics say it is impossible and that people who claim to be non eaters are either liars, cheats or dead.

I personally think the issue needs to be explored far more deeply and the question to be answered is not, "How can people survive without food" but "How can some people survive with so little food yet seemingly be so startlingly healthy."

Below is the transcription of an interview I made with Robin. It describes her story including her contact with 'light beings' who operated on her body. In the interview we also discussed the question of where a breatharian's body gets the energies that keep it functioning.

My insight, which came out of the interview with Robin, is that our bodies have many redundant 'energy collection' systems designed for survival. And that, under the right circumcises (generated by 'The Process' and discussed in the interview) non food energy survival systems are activated.

Besides Robin I have know two other people who have undertaken 'The Process'. Robin says that she knows of about 300 people who have done this successfully. Complete numbers may be many more.

One of the 'breatharians' I personally knew didn't eat – he just drank a vitamised mixture of liquid which included ginger crisp biscuits; here the rules were bent and I guess some would call this man was a cheat.

But the issue I raised earlier remains: Here was a happy, healthy active man on a calorie intake far below normal. Robin reports a similar situation, of abundant health, in her interview.

The other example was a hippy living on a community who had been without (much) food for years. They had good, clean, damp energy, which seems important – breatharians seemingly need good environments.. He had slowed right down, even in his speech, but even a little good liquid food would pick him up. This suggests to me that the real issue hidden behind breatharianism is the trace mineral and vitamin issue. We are all able to get vitamin D from sunlight, but if you live inland away from sea breezes iodine may be in critically short supply, and its lack could shut your body down.

I suggest that the human body has collected its ability to function from about a billion years of existence on earth ... consider that our intestines are internalsed primal pond scum. And over this time we have adapted to use every available energy source on the planet earth ... sunlight, air, earth energies, moon tides - the actual list may be very long.

This suggestion is almost diametrically opposed to the concepts in the "Ascension" literature that suggests that the only the recent 'semi divine' intervention has made breatharianism possible. The suggestion is that the human DNA is changing from 6 to 12 strands. This statement may mean something to you, but I do not know what it means or implies.

There are many articles on the web about breatharianism. Here are a few I found. Robin and I hope that this transcribed interview will make a useful contribution to discussion and understanding of what is 'The Process' of converting to breatharianism.

On breatharianism in general

A site that gives many good links to the subject (MAK comment - note that Wikipedia belongs to a sceptical stage of understanding, and this article, reliable or not, presents a sceptic view)

This site is a good general information site (MAK comment - website by Jasmuheen, who fairly or unfairly is trashed on the above-cited Wikipedia page, see my comments on Breatharianism as a New Age promise of Divinisation)

... And from the site below comes the quote underneath ...

Therese Neumann


(An alternative word for breatharianism is inedia.- SG)

From the years of 1922 until her death in 1962, Therese is said to have consumed no food other than The Holy Eucharist. And from 1926 until death she drank no water.[7] This phenomenon is commonly referred to as Inedia.

In July 1927 a medical doctor and four Fransciscan nurses kept a watch on her 24 hours a day for a two-week period. They confirmed that she had consumed nothing except for one consecrated host a day, and had suffered no ill effects, loss of weight, or dehydration. Urine testing two weeks after daily surveillance was dropped indicated, however, that she may have begun eating and drinking normally[1].

At the end of the interview I have added correspondence from a French friend that contain experiences that parallel some aspect of Robin's description. It may all seems strange, but let me assure you that both my French friend and Robin are happy, healthy and highly competent individuals with both feet firmly set in daily reality.

The Interview took place in the Blue Mountains in 2006.

Robin refered to her diary during the interview session.

Robin Adams (R): I did 'The Process' to stop needing to eat from the 5th to the 25th of August in 1995. It took 21 days.

The process was called, "Choosing God over the illusion" or "The 21day Process".

The idea of doing the process was to make us aware that the body is not only sustained by food and water – which is the most fundamental belief system on this planet – but that it could be sustained on 'light' - and that we can ultimately live on light, earth energies and the pranic forces in the air.

Steven Guth (S): How long ago was this?

R: I did it eleven years ago.

S: So today we will be looking back with a level of hindsight?

R: No, a lot of what I'll tell you about 'came in' during 'The Process', I will relive the time using my diary notes - OK?

S: How many people do you know who have done this Process?

R: When I was doing it there were several others scattered around the property - you do it in silence.

When I went over to New Zealand the following year – a friend, had been giving a talk at a Centre in Tarpo and had got everyone excited about it, but then he was leaving.

There was no one else there who knew how to do The Process. So I offered to do it - having done it myself … and I believe you should never take anyone through it unless you have actually experienced it yourself.

I took about 30 people on three different occasions, of about 10 or 11 people each time.

S: How many people, around the planet, do you know of?

R: It seemed to take of a lot more in Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand, I believe was ready of it, New Zealanders are spiritual far more aware then most if the rest of the world … and they were just ready for it.

S: And in the world?

R: I really don't know. In Australia I heard something like three or four hundred. It's something that people really don't want to talk about too much because, well, one of the people I did it with, a fellow called Jim Pezna, he is jail now for taking a woman through The Process who died, of kidney problems – you probably heard that story. He was a Russian fellow, who did it with the best of altruistic ways: he was going to go Russia and teach the starving Siberians on how to live on light. It was just unfortunate that this woman died of kidney failure. He knew on one level he shouldn't have been taking her through, but she went through and she died. And she died.

S: So this is one person you know of that you could perhaps subsequently talk to?

R: Yes.

S: Do you know anyone else?

R: Doctor Bill Melton was the man who took me through it. He is a medical doctor. He went to live on a community in Queensland. He was brilliant.

S: I very curious about the energies involved. You were not eating and you said you get pranic energies from the air. I think that's a gross oversimplification because there are many other energies. You mentioned air, and just before you mentioned light – and I think there are probably half a dozen others.

R: And you get energy from the earth.

S: I want to understand what those specific energies are so that we can have a better understand of our bodies and our planet.

R: When you are not feeding your body with food, it is open to be sustained by many other influences – you become a lot more sensitive … it becomes very difficult to be in a city, very, very difficult when you are in that state.

S: Because some of the energies you are picking up are polluted, and so don't work?

R: And they also assault the sensitivity of your body, and weaken you and drain you. You can't sustain yourself on the low vitality in the city.

S: Is the low vitality caused by the environment or the number of people?

R: It's probably everything

S: So when you can't sustain yourself what happens?

R: You get very weak very tired. It's a substance that sustains you; I can't explain what it is. As you say it is very complex. To me … well let me tell you a bit about the process.

S: So to make a brief summary. First, three or four hundred people have done the process that you have heard about. There are two possible people for me to contact. And do we know of anyone who is still not eating?

R: I don't think there is anyone who I have heard of who has kept on with it. It did not seem necessary to continue, it was just something that you could prove that you could do if the state of the earth become so poor that one could not find enough food or water. We knew we could survive – but it wasn't even that, it was a process of transition to the next level of our evolvement.

S: Let's talk about the pre experience stage. You got the information about The Process …

R: I had been trying to work on how to do this up at Glastonbell for some time. I had been reading articles about living on light and I knew it was possible. I knew it was possible but I didn't know how to do it. Then I went up to Brisbane for my mother's 80th birthday and I happened to talk to a woman who mentioned 'that Dr. Bill was doing it'. So I rushed out, rang him up and saw him. I was literally doing it the next week, because I knew it was exactly what I needed to do.

I had been searching for a way of doing this for some time.

S: Why?

R: I can't tell you why. It's one of those inner parts of your journey where you know that it's the next step of your evolutionary journey. It is something that had come into my consciousness up at Glastonbell.

S: In what way?

R: It popped in while I was in the meditation cabin. Not that I should stop eating but that there was another way of sustaining. I thought I would be doing half and half – eating a lot less and learning how to gradually do it as the yogis used to do … and it took a very, very long time. But with earth things being speeded up the 21 day process is the way it is done in the 20th century, everything is a lot faster.

S: I have done some thinking about the Yogis in caves and I came to the conclusion that location is very important because the location supplies certain energies, or sub sets of energies, which in biochemistry could be called organic minerals or vitamins, and that we can actually get these out of the rocks the environment.

R: You can breathe them in. That's why it is so hard in the city to sustain yourself.

S: Have you come across Judy Jacka and her book with the Nixon layers? There are energy layer octaves that travel around the earth. The octaves are about 9 feet apart and in each one there are bands that mimic the minerals.

R: I have her book, but I wasn't aware of that at the time. I was just was getting substance from the light and from the higher energies … and by being sustained with higher spiritual consciousness.

S: Judy also talks about vivaxsis, the point of energy connection we have to the earth.

You also were saying that the energies were coming from a higher source.

R: My understanding is that the energy centres we have in our body – when they are clear – they are separate initially – but when they are clear they merge and become a unified Chakra.

And when your 8th chakra (your crown) and the one above your head open you are connected directly up to your own source … instead of running around on a battery trying to plug into other people and places to get your energy. You actually become sustained by the central sun, the sun behind the sun – from where (I believe) we were created. I've gone back to there many times. It's a place where home is. I'm not an earth being.

S: This consciousness yes, but your body is …

R: … Oh yes, and the trick is to integrate.

S: So by making the interstellar part of the conscious strong and functioning.

R: It's not our interstellar Being - it is the creative source of the universe. It's not a Being – it is way beyond that, it is the creative source of everything.

S: So, through The Process your creative source gets into your body?

R: It merges.

S: And that provides …

R: Sustenance, spiritual food – sustenance which also sustains the body.

S: Let's just consider the cellar level. The cells take in nutriments, metabolise them and then drop the waste back into the plasma in which they float. In this model, how do the cells get nutriment?

R: How I saw it was that after the body had been deprived of physical sustenance – food and water – for a certain amount of time it flipped back to its original source of sustenance which was light – or energy. The basic amoebas didn't eat. I know our cells retain the memory of everything we have ever done or been – and it is an individual memory.

I know this because a lot of the healings I have done is to clear the cellular memory out … the things that have happened that create problems for people and ultimately with health. I have seen that it all starts from that deep cellular level.

So when the cells no longer are programmed to be sustained by food, minerals and vitamins and things like that, they do this flip and they remember from their ancient, ancient memory of how they survived on light.

S: And this whole process – to get the cells to flip - can happen slowly or quickly. Either as a monk in a cave or in the 21 days like you experienced.

R: Most people don't realise that this is happening.

The first week, in The Process you don't eat and you don't drink. You take in nothing!

S: Another question, in the pre experience phase is a detox necessary?

R: I did, because of my naturopathic background I knew that if I cleared out a lot of the gunk, the garbage, I wouldn't have the side effects – the headaches, the withdrawal symptoms, things like that.

A lot of people didn't do this because in the guide lines that you were given this is not mentioned. But in the people I took through, I also prepared them with a detox … salads stuff like that for just a week. That was because when people heard about The Process there were 3 reactions … No way! Or yes, I'm interested but not yet! Or when can I start! And the people that were ready, over in New Zealand were, "When can I start?" So a week was the time they had.

And I actually went in 1999 over to America and did a group a North Carolina – so there may be people over there that I haven't heard about. I don't tend to keep in touch with a lot of people.

S: Lets move onto week one. I guess the first question is location.

R: I think the location is very important – I have just remembered someone else who did it, she did it on her own, Ann Saunders …

S: I remember now, and the partner of Pam, I can't remember his name …

R: Oh, Oh, I don't know – but that's Pam's painting in front …

S: Yes, the towering queen site …

R: The first week …location is important; it needs to be in nature.

When I did it in New Zealand it was by a river in very beautiful pristine locations. High vibrational places.

So, in my first week … I put up my little red tent in the paddock and just sort of lie around and read...

And the care giver – it is very important to have a "care giver" and a "clear giver". The 'care giver' is just around to make sure that you are OK. They come and visit you twice a day – morning and night – and they are the only person you can talk to. The 'care giver', in the first week brings you the ice – you can have a bit of ice, and you can also swish your mouth out with sarsaparilla because you are like a bit like a cockies cage.

And the 'clear giver' – they can be the same person – but the 'clear giver' needs to be someone who has done The Process – and they just talk to you about what you are going through, they just support you in the process.

S: How long did the 'clear giver' spend with you?

R: About quarter of an hour each day. Every few days I would walk up to the house and have a shower. But the first week I was in this little tent, it was fairly dry – I would go for a walk around the property every day. It is important to stay in the area, to really focus and go into yourself. This is your journey, so you don't need distractions.

The thirst after three days really starts to get you, you know you are dehydrating; you can fell that in your body. The bowels stop working, you still pee, the pee gets less and darker. The mind is focused on the body a lot. I spent a lot of time reading, so it just distracts you. And you do become weaker. For some people the head start, the detoxing starts, I really didn't have that. After … can read from my dairy notes?

S: Yes, please read …

R: Day 2. Felt quite weak on getting up. Had a wash and dressed. No food or liquids to be taken for 7 days feel calm and positive about what I am undertaking, feel that I have been guided to this as a step towards gaining my light body in preparation for the next step – whatever that may be. Feel strongly that it is connected to my site near Glastonbell.

Day 3. Very restless night, body not tired, I had a strong dream about being cut out of a will, not me a friend. Woke up feeling good, no head ache. Strong, walked 400 meters uphill to the house. Bill calls twice a day to see how I am. Five others are also here; we do not talk to each other.

Day 4. The first day of the etheric operations. Now what happened on the other level was these Beings came – and I could actually see what was happening … and I don't know how many people can actually see these.

The soul has left the body and you know that it is going on a journey. It's standing aside as your body is being reprogrammed. Four 'Light Beings' came, I think two were green. They erected a white filmy tent and put an operating table in it. They put my etheric body on it and started operating on it.

Now, on the first day of the etheric operation. Implants were inserted to enable me to become a Being of the next dimension. I have agreed to do so only on the understanding that this is all. I have no wish for ET's taking me over – I have to surrender in faith and trust but my over lighting guardians are with me at all times. I feel safe and protected although a bit concerned at the appearance I glimpsed of one of the team.

S: What did they look like?

R: Two were tall Light Beings and the two who were the main surgeons were very strange, I think they were green, I can't quite remember.

The Light Beings were tall, elegant Beings of light – of human shape with beautiful eyes. The operators didn't look like gnomes, but more like you might imagine a Martian to look.

S: How did they operate?

R: I'll tell you … this is Day 5 ... I had a very restless night. The moon is nearly full and the energy is so strong that I hardly slept and had strange dreams. Animals and birds very restless and noisy all night – the cows, the horses, the dogs and the owls and the other birds and the wallabies – they were all restless.

I had a shower and prepared for another day for etheric operations. The body was very thirsty … I didn't write, "I was very thirsty" I said "my body" because I actually was not in my body.

I don't have much in this dairy about the etheric operations and I can't remember a lot of it - I've written about it somewhere else. But I know that in the first operation an etheric drip was inserted into my body so that my kidneys wouldn't dehydrate. My kidneys were well looked after and I did pee quite normally.

S: Where was the ethric drip placed?

R: Over the kidneys I think, sort of a catheter. I don't know where the liquid came from. Maybe it was that protowater you talk about.

S: Yes, thought forms and couscous imagination can draw it out. Did you notice different levels of dehydration at different times of the day?

R: The morning was fine because the drip had been there all night. Then Bill came down in the morning and evening with some sarsaparilla to swish out and some ice to suck – but not swallow. Sleeping on the ground in a tent may have helped too.

S: The operations were done with tools?

R: With instruments, they were like lasers. There were three sessions during the day. One was from about 9 to 11, and I had to lie down and be very quiet. One was 12 to 2 and one was 3 to 5 and it had to be in between the time Bill came down because I didn't talk to him about that. And I could get up in between and move around.

Basically what they did is that they worked on each organ. They took my skin off, they flayed it all off they dipped in a silver type of liquid which impregnated it some how and opened up the pores to allow light to be sustained a lot more and when They just knew something very profound was going on was going on within them … I would have to go over my notes form that time, they are in another dairy. But they all came out of it brilliantly.

S: Where was your soul?

R: they put it back they had an instrument that knitted back all the nerve endings all the capillaries. It was incredible, just incredible; every part of my body was taken off in different sections and dipped in the liquid.

S: Did other people experience this?

R: Some of them did. Some knew things were happening but not many of them were as visually aware as I was. Now I think of it there were two aspects. One was standing besides me watching what was happening. The other had gone to what I've called home to learn more about how to operate in this new aspect of myself, in this new dimension that I was moving into.

S: And …

R: Day 6. Most intriguing day with the operations. They worked on rewiring the nervous system, adding more strands of DNA from 6 to 12 which are to be activated in the future and during the third session they totally removed my skin in sections and dipped it in a liquid light and replaced it using the gadget to reconnect nerve ends and capillaries.

Then they showed me what they were going to place in my body, it was a golden crystal. We were talking about the head as a sphere, a receiver like a dish antenna. Now this crystal went down the spine and this was the antenna, it was put in at the last session – and I checked on it this morning and it is still there. Actually, it was a golden sphere, a pearl that was put in the head and a golden crystal that was put in the body.

Day 7. I can take liquid today when the operations are finished. Thirst is very strong. The ice Bill brought yesterday was of great benefit as I can suck it and rub it on my face – I was hot and a bit flushed I think by then. The second of the two hours was working on the chakras and another healer who works more on the physical worked more on my shoulder and back – I had a lot of pain there, and in the neck. And in the third session I was worked on even more. I am down to 9 stone. A rainbow came at the end of the last session, a little rain, but very little cloud. Bill came down, I went out of the tent and moved with the rainbow and I burst into tears and I remember thinking that wow, I have enough liquid left in my body to cry, to have tears, it was such a profound experience. I then when you have a drink, you have to sip it very slowly.

S: So that was the end of the first week?

R: Yes, the first week. You see there are three separate sessions, parts to this. The first is the clearing out, the second one is the rewiring and third is the integration – I think that's how it is, but I am a bit hazy on this.

In the second week I stayed in a tepee. In the third week someone else needed the tepee and I moved back into my tent. But generally you stay in your own tent, I am not attached to places and it was nice change.

Day 8. Hard to get up this morning slept most of the day from 10 to 4, feel soggy and tired. A lot of healing happening I guess, not much pee – the drip was taken out at the end of the first week and the body has to dehydrate.

Went to bed early and watched the moon, nice to have a full nights sleep. I woke up few times to have a drink … I was drinking two litres of much diluted commercial orange juice ... because if it is too pure and organic the body would react to it. That was for the second week. On the third week you can drink any juice.

S: Spiritually what was happening in the second week?

R: I was totally empty, I wasn't there. It was just the body. I was watching myself. We have all these bodies and different parts of me were watching different parts of me! Maybe my emotional body was watching what was happening but my more spiritual body had gone off on a journey somewhere. I was very aware of that because it happened to me before in '93 when I went of around the world to bring the "Aurelia" energy back. And I can certainly feel when it comes back in – it is a very, very joyous and beautiful feeling.

S: What was happening to your body?

R: The operations only were only in the first week. The second was healing. And the third week was integration.

In the second week all the organs were being knit together – everything was different, everything was changed. I was tired. I went for a walk most days; I went to the house to have a shower. And after two or three days I put on three kilos, just from the drinking – that's all I lost in the whole process.

The body is an amazing work of art, more pee today, but no bowels yet – you become very obsessed with these things. Still tired, a lot more tired than from days four to seven when I was being operated upon.

My mental focus was clear, I spent a lot of time reading, but I couldn't mediate until the third week.

Day12. I have a good bowel movement at last, quite light in colour. Feel clearer. My eyes are sore. I awoke with a headache. Dreams of murder and rebirth – death and resurrection. Frogs croaked all night after the rain.

S: How do other people feel towards the end of the second week? Did they have similar dreams of death and resurrection?

R: I think a lot of them did. It is totally a death of your old self – there is a bit of grief involved as well.

Day 14. End of second week. Slept well. Two weeks have passed, I never thought it would happen, but time does pass. The coming week is going to be the best, feel quite integrated but not whole yet. Mediation is getting better. The golden pearl and the crystal rod emanate love.

S: It interests me that not once have you mentioned fear …

R: I wasn't afraid, I knew it was so right, I knew I was so protected that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid.

S: And the other people?

R: Maybe one or two did. I remember that there was one woman in New Zealand – Cherry – she was carrying a lot of stuff, she was really quite negative until I give her some pills to have a bowel movement. She said she just 'crapped and crapped and crapped' and felt fantastically clear after that. She had this very long hair and she got me to cut all her hair off. SO we cut her hair off and she was so light and clear. It was an amazing transition.

S: When people go on a starvation diet, what is the process they go through?

R: I don't know. I believe that when people starve to death, like they do in Ethiopia and places like that they are operating on their lower three chakras. They haven't got their crown open, they in fear because they believe that if they don't eat that they will die. We were doing it from a comfortable choice. There is a lot of difference between when you choose something and when it is forced on you.

S: What were you reading?

R: Nothing spiritual, novels, something to keep my mind off what was happening. I really wasn't hungry. I was thirsty, that substance was happening. What happened to my body with that etheric drip – and maybe they put in etheric vitamins and minerals. Not too many people did mention hunger.

Some of the others knew about the etheric drip - but even the ones that didn't know - I could see it in them. Hardly any of them suffered.

The woman who died – the only one in hundreds that I heard of – wasn't spiritually prepared. It's a spiritual communion, and if you surrender to the process - and there is a surrender involved in all the next steps in your life. I don't remember anyone being fearful or scared about anything - maybe because of my presence and the non threatening environment. There was also a list of steps that one followed, to help us understand the unknown.

Beginning of week 3. I seem to have become the golden crystal, the pearl and the rod - which emanates love. So part of The Process was to activate us to become a beacon of love and light – I still do that, where ever I go I can change the vibration around, by becoming that. It is in the head and the spine … that is where our transmitters/receivers are working … it is as you were saying before about the body is a series of antennas.

The third week is integration. I slept well. I was being rewoven, I wanted leave on day 19, but I couldn't I hadn't come back into myself, I was still out there. I discussed The Process with Jim, he shared with me the awareness that the cells became so starved for sustenance that they flipped back to their original sources and light.

S: You said light. Did you sit in the sun?

R: Sunlight helped, but no it was a spiritual light. The sun helped because the body's thermostat wasn't going so well, but it was warm it was August in Queensland, it wasn't cold My shoulder was painful, I wondered why and David, Jim's guide told me it was a wound that was being healed, a spear from Roman times which ended that life. A lot of Karmic cellular memory about that time came out. It was about the betrayal of trust, a problem I kept carrying into later lives - that was healed in the third week.

S: Did other people go through the same sort of past life recollections?

R: Yes, a lot of them did. The cells have to release a lot of these old memories; they couldn't hold them any more.

S: Do you actually mean muscles?

R: No, no. I think every cell has a memory - because that is how it reproduces itself. That's why it is so hard to give up smoking, because the cell has the memory of the nicotine and how it is affected by it so it needs to reprogram.

S: I have a problem with the link between the words 'cell' and 'memory'

R: Well, the memory that the cell holds – there is also a genetic memory.

S: Let's just say, 'something happened and you began to look at past lives'.

R: I had done a lot of past life work in the '80's and this was just some residue. But for others a lot of this came up. As one became clearer and started to reintegrate all this old, past life stuff had to leave.

S: And you had to work with people to help them – some would not have known what had hit them.

R: Right, that is why it was so important to have a "Clear Giver", who knows The Process and what was happening. It would probably send you 'a bit odd' if there wasn't somebody to talk things out with.

But we had no problems; it was incredible that the people who did The Process were just so ready to do it. It was just absolutely and utterly right for them and they knew it - and some just made up their mind, on the day they started. And once, three just arrived without even booking in.

Day 18. I felt my body getting stronger. I didn't sleep so well. In the second week we were drinking two litres diluted pasteurised orange juice a day. In the third week we could have any juice we wanted – all packet juice stuff. We didn't gulp it down, we rehydrated slowly.

When you are just lying there listening the environment, the frogs, the birds … there was an old bull that wondered around, he would eat the grass outside the tent and snort – it is quite an experience having a bull eat grass 2 centimetres outside your tent.

Day 19. Slept well, lay in the sun, had a shower, read. Had a feeling of great inner peace and clarity. Didn't find it easy to mediate

Day 20. Feeling completed, dreams – one on fire and one on insurance and the hypocrisy of it. The time is nearly over, it is approaching time to leave and get on with life – I wonder what it holds and what I am called upon to do. Rather depressed at the thought of having to start a whole new life. I sat by the fire until 7 and read, and then went to sleep.

Day 21. End of the advance. Woke up at two for a pee and went back to bed still depressed and fearing very alone … because I really hadn't come into myself and around 7 am was woken by a feeling of bliss and ecstasy such as I have never experienced. The crystal pearl rod was activated and the love poured into my body anchoring in second, third, fourth and new fifth chakras. For half an hour I was completely blessed out. Thank you for the "A" team who were attending… there were two teams, the "A" team did most of the operations and the "B" team did the tweaking other sorts of things for the etheric operators, they were the clearers and healers – they were just light beings, not really strange. The only two who were very strange were the two who were doing the main operations.

After that, after I had come back into myself, I was ready to take on the world. I ran up to Bill, and "I'm back, wow, I can go now." I felt incredibly amazing.

S: So what was the first thing you did?

R: On the way home - because you can have liquid – I bought a milk shake, and I really couldn't drink it – wow, a caramel milk shake - I had about two sips and I couldn't have it.

I went back to my mother – she had decided to worry. I hadn't really told her what I was doing, just that I was going on a retreat. I looked fantastic.

Then I went to see friends for dinner – and didn't eat. My energy was so strong and my eyes were so clear it freaked them out. These were people who had known me for a long time. They had a good wine cellar and I thought I would have a glass of wine – I couldn't do that – after one sip I said, "No, I can't do this to my body." The first cup of teat that I had, tasted revolting – my sense of taste was so acute.

Then I went to my sister's place and they got freaked out as I sat there. It was a lot harder for other people to accept me than it was to accept myself. It also freaked out the guy I was having a relationship with at the time.

I went to Glastonbell and stayed in a caravan for time. Then I went to stay in hut at Mt Wilson. That was a good integration time, until I decide what to do – which was to go to New Zealand.

So it was just a process that I knew I had to do. It was something that had been working through me for some time and as soon as I found a way of doing it within 21 days, I said, "That's it, I had to do it."

S: Were there other Beings giving you energy?

R: No, no, it was coming from the source – and not from other people either. I have been sustained by the source for a long time. I got zapped by light in 1980 – and I was changed like that. It was like a bolt of lightening came in through the top of my head and opened everything up. It was like champagne bubbles for days. I was different, people said, "You are a walk in." I said nah. I believe the walk in thing is just your higher consciousness coming into your body in some way

I have tended to take risks. That's what people would say. But to me it's just the next step on the journey.

S: It is interesting that so many people were doing The Process at that time – and you don't hear about it at all now – is it still happening?

R: I don't know, I really don't know. I haven't kept in touch with anyone. I just tend to do what I need to do and then move on. In 1999, a friend in America had heard of a community in North Carolina that wanted to do The Process and she arranged for them to pay for me to go over. So I took a group through. It was on a community where Dan Winter lived – I had some interesting talks with him.

S: Looking back at the reincarnation situations you have been in, can you find a starting point for this?

R: I think it is something for which I have always had this need. If we do believe in reincarnation and we have a goal … it is a complete circle, we have come from the light, we have gone down into matter and we are now on this journey back and we are taking our matter back to spirit – which is light I suppose.

The starting point in this life was when I got zapped in 1980 and I was always looking for a way to sustain that sense of incredible bliss that have had on other occasions (like in Amanth cave). It is when I am totally infused with the love of that energy. God, it's hard to sustain in the physical body, it's a fleeting thing. After my experience in Amanth cave I cried for 3 days because there is no other way to express the experience in your body. It was just an overwhelming of love and energy and then it happened again later in Peru – after I had done The Process.

It was my higher self connecting. I believe there is a time in your life when you don't have guides. You have then at first, and they assist you to a certain point but then you connect back to your own higher self – until you plug your source. Then you don't need them because you have this direct link.

S: The best material I have come across on this Robert Monroe's works.

R: No.

S: It popular in Germany, but I think the writing style in English is so frustrating and annoying. What you are saying about the higher self is discussed in his last book "Ultimate Journey", and it reads much like what you have been saying.

R: I've done a lot of travelling and I recently had the insight that it was about collecting my parts, to pull myself back together. Sort of like a dandelion coming together – rather than blowing apart. And once back together it is going to be 'woof' off to the light.

S: Totally Monroe.

R: Ah, now I feel pretty complete. I have finished what I came to do … and I was given the choice to go or stay. If I had wanted to go they would have arranged it. I decided to stay, I have a reasonable body, so why not.

So the ultimate understanding of The Process of 'Learning to Live on Light' or 'Choosing God over the Illusion' was to break one of the most powerful belief systems on the planet – that you have to eat and drink to survive. Once that is broken many other belief systems are broken too. And you realise that most things are in your belief systems.

You also realise what an incredible diversion food is on this planet and the energy that is expended on growing it, harvesting it, distributing it, selling it, preparing it, eating it, and the social integration that goes on around that. And the amount of time and money one can release into your life if you don't have to spend a tremendous amount of your life on food. You can use that time and energy towards achieving other ends.

But food is so integrated into our social fabric – which feeds the lower three or four chakras – that it very hard for us who have done The Process to continue to feel part of society.

And so, for a number of reasons, most of us go back to eating. Mostly because of social pressure - but also because we are in a human body for so short a time - and it is pleasurable to partake of food and wine.

Still, it is good to know that if the food supply is ever terminated you needn't be fearful that you will die or prepare yourself to get the last loaf of bread off the supermarket shelf … you could walk on you path - in love, without fear - trying not to be contaminated by the fear all around. Fear is a very contaminating thought form.

S: At what point did you start eating again and why?

R: I Started eating at Christmas time about 4 months later when I went down to stay with my kids. So I had a little bit of Christmas lunch, just a little bit, and after that I slowly started eating again.

After about 3 or 4 years I was eating normally again, and in the last few years I have put on a few kilos – it's the life style I now have. I see it as a time of grace, to rest, to renew, to rest for awhile – my life had been pretty intense for 15 years. It is now time to enjoy what the physical earth has to offer as well – integrated with the spiritual earth and the nearby spiritual hierarchy.

I would actually like to do The Process again one day. Then I may take people though it again… but not in the winter.

S: Who are the light beings and masters involved?

R: There are guides of humanity, there are the lords of light … it's a whole different hierarchy, there are myriads of hierarchy. But this is one group, one hierarchical system that over lights this particular process, which are trained to do this work. They are highly, highly qualified.

S: Are they only on this planet?

R: They are not on this planet, they come to overlight, to guide 'The Process'.

S: Do you see them coming from other physical, astronomical, planets?

R: I haven't looked. Perhaps they are in parallel universes – which is what al lot of us are aiming to achieve - some talk of the fifth dimension, but it is the same thing. The Process is a preparation for us to go into other dimensions, into other universes …

… Look, don't you find that you are walking in two worlds? You operate in the normal world with its 3 dimensions and also in higher dimensions? Not just the fourth, which I think is very astral but also higher dimensions of self?

S: I tend to come from a sort of Catholic view on all this. I see myself as in a middle place most of the time. Sometimes I see myself in parallel universes above, or have access to parallel universes below.

I am also very aware that there are packets of consciousness that condense themselves into forms – and that these interrelate with our 'normal' of three dimensional world through our thought process, memories and history.

R: Right. This is how the Aurelia energy came into my life. She came in as a thought form, in a condensed version and then it unfolded and all these different aspects appeared.

S: In the Robert Monroe material this is called a "Rote" – a package of consciousness that arrives. So when you travel in the parallel worlds the beings there can pass you Rote – which you then have to unpackage and understand in your terminology.

R: After the Aurelia thought form became established in my consciousness I needed to travel around the world to deliver it, pieces here and there -which I did.

Then, soon, there were all these cries for help because the Aurelia consciousness couldn't be sustained by the low energy on earth. So I had to take in, and send out, lots of energy until the pieces managed to adapt and so sustain themselves in our low earth vibrations.

S: And what is the Aurelia consciousness?

R: It is an aspect of the divine feminie - an aspect that has never been on earth before.

S: And the aspect is …?

R: Essentially, it is the female balance to a male energy that had been working on earth for a very long time without its female equivalent.

The Aurelia thought form works to balance male and female energies – so that in future there will be no male dominance and no female dominance.


I sent my transcript of the interview to a friend who's judgment I have come to trust. Her description of an 'operation' matches Robin's. In my mind the below adds perspective to Robin's experiences.

Hello Steven,

Yes, I read with great interest the Robin Adams papers.

I underwent these "etheric" operations when I was in Belgrade over ten years ago... I know of them. But I was not on any diet. Food was scarce, as it was war period in former Yougoslavia, but I was rather priviledged. These operations would take place every morning and evening, the daytime I was working. They went on for the whole week-ends... Some of these laser cuts were excruciatingly painful, but the pain came only in one wave. I had noticed then that pain comes normally in two or more waves : the first is when you hurt yourself, the second is when the brain registers and sends back the information, the pain is then greatly multiplied, and you have more waves of lesser intensities that follow, like a sort of throbing. In the case of etheric operation, the cuts only had the first wave, there was no recall from the brain. So it was not too bad. The work was mostly done on my arms and body. I did call a few mystics as I got worried. But they just said my greater self was being prepared... Not to worry. Well... I did not have a choice anyway, so I let go of my worry. But I remember being scold a lot for not staying put and not relaxing, making things more difficult. These operations could take hours and sometimes the whole day... I would beg for an autorization to have a biscuit and a cigarette and a glass of milk...!!!

The part about cellular memory and smoking is interesting, hah ? Hope to solve this one day...

The transcripts are very interesting. Becoming "whole" while incarnated must indeed put us out of balance with the rest of the world. But this is how we should all actually be and will be in times to come... I'm aware when I am too "clean" that I cannot stand the other people around me, nor even walk in my small city...

I do not recall how many people worked on me. The one cutting me was always assisted by another. But not always the same. Then there were other spirit helpers assisting in different manners. I had the feeling the cutting one was a former human healer or shaman. But I'm not sure. Some years after, when I was in Zagreb, I had frequent visits of very high energy beings and I would feel ever so blessed and filled with love. These were incredible beings. I felt longing and pain when their vibrations wore off. They came to encourage me and work at me on levels I was not very aware off then. I cannot really say what was done then.

Love and light .............................

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