The Back of the Neck Centre

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The Back of the Neck Center may or may not be related to the Base of the Neck Centre or Ta Chui referred to by Mantak Chia. The difference is that the Back of the Neck Center is said to be located at the centre of the back of the neck, around the third cervical vertebra, in contrast to the Base of the Neck center at the seventh cervical vertebrae.

This centre serves as a connecting point with channels and energies from the hands, arms, and legs.  Psychologically, it is associated with the one's sense of self, and one's association with one's profession and peers and with society as a whole [David Tansley, Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man ; Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light ].

The Back of the Neck Chakra, which can be consiered the external counterpart of the Vishuddha chakra of Tantra, is located between the second and third cervical vertebrae, at the middle of the back of the neck. It is said to be a mental centre [Aurobindo, pp.364-5] and to connect with the Brow Chakra at the front of the head [Paulson, p.90].


Spokes/Petals: Hindu Tantra - 16; Tibetan Buddhism - 16; Tansley - 16; Paulson - 16

Element: Hindu Tantra - Space (white ovoid)

Colours: Hindu Tantra - White or Smoke coloured (petals: smoke-coloured); Tibetan Buddhism - Red; Paulson - Silvery Blue.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You are easily able to express your ideas in life through word or deed [Aurobindo, p.326]. You are comfortable with your sense of self, your association with your profession and peers and with society as a whole [Tansley , p.42; Brennan, p.77].

Overactive: You tend to be a "high flyer" or high achiever; you are only concerned with achieving and succeeding in the world, at the material and social level.

Blocked: You are and dissatisfied with your life, and suffer from lack of self-esteem, which you may deny or conceal with pride [Brennan, pp.77-8]. You don't feel comfortable with yourself or with what you have achieved in the world. You may also suffer from asthma, laryngitis, and other respiratory problems [Tansley p.42]

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