The Brow Chakra

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The Brow Chakra according to Leadbeater

One may wonder whether the "Brow Chakra" of Theosophical and New Age thought is the same as the Tantric Ajna or Brow chakra. Well, the latter is what I have termed a primary or archetypal chakra. It may well be that the brow chakra has some correspondence or correlation with this; perhaps this archetypal chakra manifests in the brow locality (as intuited through yogic experience). Then again the whole thing may just be cultural conditioning. Here, as with all chakra studioes, one is reminded how tenuous the facts are. We do not have a certain body of knowledge as in objectivist science, rather, as in Kabbalah, a system of occult correspondences that have been interpreted and reinterpreted many times, and regarding which there is still no unifying paradigm. With that proviso we can continue ;-)

The Tantric brow chakra (Ajna) has two petals, and is associated with Manas or Mind (as distinct from the Manas-Chakra). In Tibetan Buddhism it is associated with ordinary or Waking Consciousness. Following the theosophical interpretation of Leadbeater, it is common to have more than two petals here.

When activated on a more subtle or causal level however, the Brow Centre constitutes the "Third Eye" proper, which is associated with Clairvoyance or psychic perception, including seeing shapes, colours and visions, and hearing the voice of one's higher self [Paulson, p.63]. How much the "Third Eye" corresponds to the Middle of the Forehead chakra as well, instead, sometimes, or always, is yet another unresolved question.


Spokes/Petals: Hindu Tantra - 2; Leadbeater - 96; Paulson - 96

Element: Hindu Tantra - Mind

Colours: Hindu Tantra - White; Leadbeater - Yellow and Purple; Hills - Indigo; Paulson - Rose Yellow and Blue-Purple.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You have a healthy sense of an ego or seperate self, and may also have clairvoyant faculties [Paulson, p.74].

Excessive development of this chakra in relaton to the others: You are a very egotistical person [Paulson, p.74].

Malfunctioning: You may suffer from a distorted sense of self. You are unable to look at yourself clearly and objectively.

Weak or Blocked: You have a weak or inadequate sense of ego-self [Paulson, p.74].

Chakra balancing

Finally, here is what Leadbeater has to say in his clairvoyant description of this chakra

The sixth centre, the frontal, between the eyebrows, has the appearance of being divided into halves, one chiefly rose-coloured, though with a great deal of yellow about it, and the other predominantly a kind of purplish-blue, again closely agreeing with the colours of the special types of vitality that vivify it. Perhaps it is for this reason that this centre is mentioned in Indian books as having only two petals, though if we are to count undulations of the same character as those of the previous centres we shall find that each half is subdivided into forty-eight of these, making ninety-six in all, because its primary force has that number of radiations.
from Leadbeater - The Chakras, pp.13-14

Sixth Chakra

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