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The Guru Chakra is a less well known chakra situated between the "lower" (Nirvana) and "higher" (Sahasrara) "crown chakras" It is likely that there are a number of such chakras situated above the top of the head. The Sant Mat tradition refers to a number of higher chakras or centers, as does Ann Ree Colton and Max Theon

Details of the Guru Chakra

Guru Chakra

Terminology Tantric dwadasharna sarasiruha or padma, dwadashadala saroja or padma, dwadashapatraka, urdhwamukha padma, shukla abja, guru-pada padma, guru-pura. guru-sthana, guru-pada, brahma chakra, soma mandala
Position in void region, situated supracranially
Petals number twelve; arranged from right to left
colour white
Mantra-letters on petals twelve in number; Ha Sa Kha Freng Ha Sa Ksha Ma La Wa Ra Yung (Guru-mantra), arranged from right to left
colour white
In the pericarp a circular moon-region
a triangle (within the moon-region)
the jewelled altar of whitish-red luster with nada below and bindu above (inside the triangle) or Aing (inside the triangle)
hang-sah seat (within the bindu)
jewelled footstools (on the hang-sah seat)
Guru's lotus-like feet (on the jewelled footstools)
Concentration form of Guru Guru is moon-white, or like pure crystal in colour; two-eyed, or three-eyed; two-armed, making the guestures of granting boons and dispelling fear, or holding a booka nd showing wara or abhaya mudra; dressed in white rainment; in lotus, auspicious, or hero posture; his power (shakti) is seated on his left thigh, and holds with her left hand a blue lotus; she is red in colour

reference Layayoga - an Advanced Method of Concentration by Shyam Sundar Goswami, p.283 .  Colour plate above from same book

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