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Described only in the Shakta tradition of Tantra, the Hrit (Heart) Chakra, which is variously described as white, gold, or red in colour, of eight petals, and is located just below the Anahata.  The most distinctive quality of this chakra is the mythical Wish-Fulfilling Tree represented ion the center of the pericarp.


The Hrit Chakra showing the wish-fulfilling Tree

the Hrit chakra

Chakra table 4


Terminology Tantric hrit padma, hritpundarika, hridayambhoja, eight-petalled padma, eiglnt petalled kamala, sixteen-petalled padma
Vedic (late Upanishads) hridaya chakra, hrit padma, hridaya padma, hridaya kamala, hridaya-amburuha, hridaya padmakosha, hritpundarika, hemapundarika
Puranic hrit padma, hritpadmakosha, hritpundarika, hritpankaja, hritsaronihi, hridabja, hridambuja, hridambhoja, hridayambhoja, hridaya kamala, hridaya pundarika, hridaya, hrit desha, ashlapatra, adi skodasha chakra
Position externally, heart region
Petals number eight, arranged from right to left
colour golden, white, red
on petals eight forms of superpowers, arranged from right to left
In the pericarp circular sun-region,
moon-region (within sun-region); 
fire-region (within moon-region)
colour sun-region - vermilion
moon-region - white
fire-region - deep red
in the fire-region red wishing-tree; gummed seat (at the base of the tree)

referencereference Layayoga - an Advanced Method of Concentration by Shyam Sundar Goswami, p.278.  colour plate above from same book

web page Hridaya Chakra - Alfred Ballabene (in German)

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