The Palatine Chakras

Sahasrara chakra
Guru chakra
Nirvana chakra
Indu chakra
Manas chakra
Ajna chakra
Lalana chakra
Vishuddha chakra
Anahata chakra
Hrit chakra
Manipura chakra
Swathisthana chakra
Muladhara chakra

In Shakta Tantra this is called the Talu or Lalana Centre, in Taoism the Heavenly Pool.

There are actually three chakras here.  As with the Base of the Head centre, which serves as a bridge that allows the ascending chi of the spinal region to rise to the top of the head, the three chakras located along the Soft Palate (the roof of the mouth) mediates the descending Chi energy.

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major and minor Chakras

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