The Lower Forehead Chakra

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The Lower Forehead Chakra

The Lower Forehead Chakra - which is sometimes confused with the "Brow" Chakra proper by many New Age and theosophical writers - is located between the Brow Centre and the Middle of the Forehead Chakra. If we assume a direct equivalence with the archetypal / primary chakras of the Indian Tantric system, this corresponds to the Manas ("Mind") chakra, which is said to have six petals, one for each of the five senses, with the sixth petal representing the mind or psyche. (Of course, it may well be that the Manas Chakra is not really a primary chakra at all, but a secondary chakra, which would mean the two - the Manas and Lower Forehead chakras, are the same in any case). In Tibetan Buddhism it is called the "Wind" Chakra. Significantly "wind" or Air is the element which in the Western esoteric systems is associated with the mind or intellect. Genevieve Lewis Paulson refers to this chakra as the "Fourth Eye" [Paulson, p.128]. This chakra does not appear to be associated with a particular gland.


Spokes/Petals: Hindu Tantra - 6; Tibetan Buddhism -6; Tansley - 96

Element: Tibetan Buddhism -Air/Wind

Colours: Hindu Tantra - Variable.

Associated Psychological states:

Open and Balanced: You are easily able to visualise and understand mental concepts [Brennan, p.78]. You are skillful in creative thinking, and have a balanced, rational attitude to things.

Overactive: You are a very "head" orientated type, who is overly concerned with categorising and theorising at the expense of other dimensions of life.

Malfunctioning: You hold to or generate ideas that, although strong, are confused, negative or false [Brennan, p.78]. Many schizophrenics function in this way.

Weak or Blocked: You have a great deal of difficulty in working with ideas or concepts [Brennan, p.78].

Chakra balancing

It is interesting to observe that for most women the problem is an under-developed Lower Forehead Chakra and an over-developed Heart Chakra: too much eros at the expense of logos; for most men the problem is the exact reverse: too much logos at the expense of eros. The goal, of course, is to balance all the polarities and all the faculties of the being.

Sixth Chakra

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