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The Tantric Lower Forehead Centre, called the Manas ("Mind") Chakra, is said to have six petals, which although normally white assume the colours of the senses when they operate (according to the Indian systems, in addition to the five physical senses, there is "mind" constitutes the sixth sense, which is not the same as Clairvoyance or "Sixth Sense"), and is black during sleep (unconsciousness).  Despite the overlap, the Manas chakra is not the same as the Manas tattwa.  It is associated with chitta, which represents consciousness or psyche in general, or even the subconscious and memory.

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Terminology Tantric nada, manas, surya mandala
Vedic (late Upanishads) manas, mandala, jnananetra
Puranic not secified
Position above bindu pitha which is just above the pranava-bindu in ajna
Petals number six
colour normally white, but then assume sense colours (yellow, white, red, ash, and white) when senses operate, and become black in sleep
In the pericarp Chitta

referenceLayayoga - an Advanced Method of Concentration by Shyam Sundar Goswami, p.282.  colour grafix on this pageare from same book

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